The Infrared Catastrophe

If the non-greenhouse gases oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) – some 99% of the dry atmosphere – do not block (absorb or emit) infrared radiation - as assumed in greenhouse theory -  there is a contradiction in thermodynamics, which states all substances above absolute zero radiate thermal infrared radiation.
Converse to the above, if O2 and N2 do radiate infrared - in accordance with thermal dynamics  - there is a contradiction in greenhouse theory as greenhouse theory assumes, as a key implied premise - derived by the Tyndall thermopile experiment - O2 and N2 are non-greenhouse gases and do not radiate or absorb any IR.

This is a catastrophe: not the ‘ultraviolet’ one, but an infrared one. It is the infrared catastrophe (my words). 

Something is either wrong with our greenhouse reasoning, or thermodynamics is wrong. Something is wrong, and I have identified the problem. Climate discussion and debate is an extrapolation based on dated physics.

I am calling for a total review of heat and atmospheric physics. In the 'light' of new technology (Raman spectroscopy), and physics (quantum mechanics) we need to review how we understand radiation and emissivity which is currently based on 19th-century experiments and knowledge. Only then can we discuss the climate system.

I have been involved in a heavy review process over the last months (which will be summarised in a coming blog entry) and have been attacked by every logic fallacy in the book. I look to reviews from the highest level - Professors of Chemistry and Physics only, please.

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