Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Publication: Towards a Coherent Radiation Theory of the Atmosphere

Hello, I just posted/published my theory of the atmosphere to my research platforms. Over the last 2 or so years (more like 10) I have reviewed the physics of greenhouse theory and concluded the special greenhouse gases, first discovered by J Tyndall in 1859, are really only the thermoelectric gases detected by thermoelectric transducers (thermopiles and the like, as Tyndall used) and the non-greenhouse gases oxygen and nitrogen are not thermoelectric but their quantum mechanics IR spectra are detected, and temperatures measured from them, by modern Raman Laser instruments - so they too are greenhouse gases. There are only greenhouse gases, no special ones; but it looks like nitrogen is the one that dominates by transferring its energy directly to CO2. Quantum and thermodynamic theory show all gases are equivalent with respect to radiation, and it is the instruments that are special. I also found practical application of the theory in the operation of CO2 Lasers as proof, where N2 is radiated and it heats the CO2 to lase temperatures. Now to get it reviewed from the top, from all sides: no one will like this . The strange thing is I have only put together what is already there and understood, it's just that no-one has done it.

Augmenting 19 th Century Thermoelectric Greenhouse Theory with 20 th Century Quantum Mechanics Raman Spectroscopy: Towards a Coherent Radiation Theory of the Atmosphere

I hope to present it an disseminate it over the next period, I hope it's the start of something big. Right now you can read it and please comment at if you see a problem or have a question.



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