Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory

I've gone back to the drawing board, noticing and frustrated I was not getting the attention I demand from what I have uncovered. I have split my paper into two, and it works; the first I share here, and the second - on how the GHGs are really only the thermoelectric gases and is flawed - I will work on now. 
N2 and O2 (the '99%' non-GHGs) have QM predicted spectra, and 2338 and 1556 cm-1 respectively and these are observed by Raman Spectroscopy, IR specroscopy's complement instrument. Do not mess with quantum mechanics! 
Raman laser spectroscopy (not to be confused with the Raman effect!) makes IR spectroscopy redundant: it measures very accurately the QM predicted positions and temperatures!! of N2 O2 CO2 CH4 H2O spectra and more. What is more, the N2- CO2 laser operates on the QM absorption of its one spectra mode. N2 absorbs IR and responds, else no facial surgery. And can you believe it, with this CO2 laser it is N2 that is the gases that 'heats' the CO2. I have found the CO2 laser works for IR photons too. Game set match! Why hasn't someone else seen this before me? This needs a working group to develop a paper to take this to the world; I can't take it any further, or write it better.

Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory


  1. Hello Blair,
    I have done some work with a few Stanford University Climate Scientists and am very interested in approaching them with your findings. I too share your perspective and am very frustrated with the current state of "science". I think if I approach my associates in the right way we could make some headway. Let me know if your interested.

    1. Hello Eric,
      Thank you, I am very interested.
      My contact address fractalnomics at gmail.
      Regards Blair

  2. Blair, I have some information that you may or may not be aware of that complements what you have found.
    ie that the Climatologists know full well that The whole atmosphere emitts radiation, not just GHGs.
    Look up how Satellites measure the temperature of the Atmosphere, they do not do it measuring radiation from CO2 or H2O, no they do it by measuring the radiation output of Oxygen.
    Now this knowledge is not in any way hidden, it is in Wiki and other places.
    quote "satellites have measured the intensity of upwelling microwave radiation from atmospheric oxygen"
    So unless the IR is "reflected off of the oxygen" it is just blatantly ignored by modern Climatologists.

    Yours Anthony C Osborn

  3. "The whole atmosphere emitts radiation, not just GHGs."

    Microwave radiation is not the same as infrared radiation. The whole point of the atmospheric greenhouse effect is that N2 and O2 are transparent to IR, CO2 and other so-called greenhouse gasses are not.

    The fact that oxygen absorbs and emits microwave radiation, which is related to rotational transitions and not vibrational transitions, doesn't change anything about that.


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