Monday, December 10, 2018

The Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Misconceived by Thermoelectric Transducers

Hello everyone,

I have recently put out my second paper called  The Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Misconceived by Thermoelectric Transducers complementary to my earlier paper Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory. As the title(s) suggest - a spent a lot of time on those titles - the greenhouse gases are no more than the thermo-electric gases. What is more radiation theory is all based on thermoelectrics and I too have addressed this.
I have concluded all gases are 'greenhouse gases. They all absorb and emit IR radiation in accordance with quantum mechanics, it is just we need two instruments to measure them.

Read a summary article I put together: Settling The Climate Woo With Quantum-Based Raman Spectroscopy


  1. Blair, I have commented on your previous post on N2 & O2.
    In brief Satellites measure the IR from O2 not CO2 or H2O.
    Yours Anthony C Osborn

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