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cosmoclimatology: CO2 production by photodegradation

I recently listened to this radio New Zealand science podcast on CO2 production by photodegradation  and immediately though of a connection between it and cosmoclimatology. If this CO2 production works at the small scale, it should  - at least in part - explain the long term carbon dioxide trend through time and its lagging behind temperature. But maybe it's not temperature that it lags behind at all, but rather, indirectly, the shading of clouds, caused by variation of cosmic waves - that also effect the temperature. Of course I am no expert, but at least it cannot be over looked, and I have now passed it on to those in the know. See what happens? Have a listen, it is a wonderful story of discovery, and I have played it over and over like some good music. I can only think of those who found the cosmic microwave background, well done Susanna.