Natural fractal lake, Arethusa Pool, the worlds only?

Is Arethusa Pool (New Zealand) and its islands the world's only natural fractal lake?

I was there with my family in January. It was a wonderful day and very exciting for me—mathematically speaking.

Arethusa Pool (and its island) is on Mou Waho Island, Lake Wanaka, the South Island of New Zealand, and the South Pacific Ocean.

Water (the South Pacific Ocean), land (South Island New Zealand), water (lake Wanaka), land (Mou Waho Island), water (Arethusa Pool), land (islands on Arethusa Pool); water in a puddle after rain (or when I filled it), land as small as a square centimetre inside the puddle, .....water??

Arethusa Pool, and Lake Wanaka New Zealand 2015.



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