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The Fractal Profile of CO2

The Fractal Profile of CO2 In this entry, I aim to analyse the properties of CO2 (in relation to the climate) –  and demonstrate the fractality (the repeating) of this knowledge and properties. Does (heat-trapping) CO2 shape up to our general knowledge, and 'laws' of physics. I am not an expert, but am curious to investigate. Heat-trapping - Specific Heat Capacity Infrared Opaqueness and Transparency Atmospheric Concentration: CO2’s weight behaviour Emissivity Lags: Does CO2 drive temperature - or does Temperature drive CO2? Density Solubility - buffers I have now published a wiki website:  to help democratise the science- 1.  'Heat trapping' CO2:  Specific Heat Capacity    In my next entry ( The Fractal record of heat-trapping CO2 )  I will expose the instances where CO2 should trap heat but doesn't - at least to be measurable.