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Fractal: Growth and Development

Update 2010-12-05 Growth and Development Take a long look at the fractals above and ask yourself: are they developing? are they growing? There appears (to me) to be no obvious, or distinguishing differences between (fractal) growth, and (fractal) development.  When describing fractals, the terms growth and or development are often used  interchangeably. As if to be a law, the fractal fact is that the two are inextricably linked - as the fractal grows, the fractal develops. development The fractal demonstrates Development : this is to do with the increase in complexity of a fractal as it iterates towards fractal equilibrium; it is a qualitative measure of fullness, completeness. growth The fractal (also) demonstrates Growth , and may be seen as an increase in either the area, or number of triangles, or even the perimeter of the snowflake - which is apparently infinite. To analyse growth (more), we need to go back and look at one of my early diagrams I 'develop

Breaking the Carbon Climate Spell with the fractal.

YouTube intro from the Author: Last Update 2010 -12-16 Here you see something I have been working with for the last 4 or 5 years and I am feeling more and more happy with it. It's still in the rough, still in the draft, a work in progress -  but the idea should be clear. I am working on a wiki for all to get involved.  It is said: 'people in glass houses (greenhouses) shouldn’t throw stones'. T he breaking the carbon climate spell - with today's telescope, the fractal. Before you begin reading this blog, can I suggest you ponder on this (fractal) thought experiment:  Imagine if you will: you have a button you can push - on or off - that will set in place your beliefs so that they will be universal and observable at all scales - and explain all. In this case, your beliefs that CO2 plays a dominate role in the greater atmosphere, in respect to temperature and is responsible for 'global warming'.   When pushed on, this belief will be the tru

Price Inflation Fractal Coastlne Paradox

       Here I hypothesise price inflation is a fractal phenomenon and is equivalent to or a real-life example of the  coastline paradox .  The coastline paradox says the measurement of a coastline is related to the length of the 'measuring stick' being used: the shorter the measuring stick, the longer the coastline - right to infinity. I say the unit of money is the measuring stick and the coastline the price of the object and therefore the size of the economy. If the currency is decreased in value the (nominal) size of the economy will exponentially increase (hyperinflate).  Veritasium: What Is The Coastline Paradox? Just what is inflation? Of course, we have the textbook answer, a general increase in the average price level - over time , but to be fractal, it must be a universal definition and go beyond the prices of goods. A fractal explanation will have to demonstrate the following - I am convinced that the general fractal does. the increase in the descriptive val