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ePublic Good (Public Good) Prediction comes true in New Zealand

Over ten years ago, I wrote the article Is the Internet Making New Public Goods?  ePublic Goods.  In the article, I reasoned the internet is producing, based on the decline and failure in the entrainment and news media industries, a new type of Public Goods, ePublic Goods. e for electronic or internet-based. Public Goods are, along with Private, Club, and Commons (Common Pool) Goods, a key  phenomenon  in economics,  Governments support public goods, and I predicted that this may happen with the media, too, someday, at the risk of democracy. If this is true, it is not a good thing at all.  Firms in these industries are not profiting and are failing due to the loss of sales from the internet and have been downsizing. This is akin to the examples of market failure with the streetlights, fireworks displays, lighthouses and others. The media and entertainment firms are failing due to the same problems as with these normal Public Goods.  The non-rivalry is when no one is bothered (the expe

Emergent Fractal Attractor Corresponds with Foundational Quantum Problems

For over ten years, I have been writing a theory of quantum mechanics through the fractal. I have found that the fractal demonstrates all aspects of quantum. My problem has been getting this down on paper and publishing it. Over 6 months, in late 2020 and early 2021, I worked on the following paper with my supervisor, but in the end, I threw it down, not at all happy with what I had achieved. I need to approach it differently; rather than being an experiment, describe the fractal from a deductive point of view. I intend to do this when things have settled, and I have had a break from it all, but this is what I have achieved so far.  Keep in touch. I will let you know when I get started again.  Abstract The field of foundational quantum mechanics originated nearly one hundred years ago yet remains one of the greatest mysteries to physicists today. The experiment in this study tests whether the geometry of fractals, according to a simple isolated iterating fractal (the Koch Snowflake), c