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Response to Sabine Hossenfelder Big Ring Galaxies

This post is in response to Sabine Hossenfelders clip (below) Astrophysicists find Big Ring of Galaxies that Should Not Exist    I wrote the following in the comments. It appears to be shadow banned, sadly.  " This is, to me, key evidence that the universe is a fractal. I have modelled a (growing) fractal from the perspective of an observer within one. My model produces Hubble (diagram) expansion that is accelerating with time from a point beginning. Points on the fractal recede away just as galaxies are observed by astronomers. The model also predicts these large structures; what I call the boughs of the fractal. The CMB is the trunk. We are in the clustered and super-clustered branches of the fractal shape. Last week my work was published in The International Journal of Quantum Foundations and 8 months ago I published in the same journal on how the fractal shares problems known as the quantum. The astronomical observations and the quantum problems are two aspects of the one, fr

Second Paper Published Unifying Cosmos and the Quantum with the Fractal

I have, in around 9 months, had my second paper accepted by the International Journal of Quantum Foundations; this one on Fractal Cosmology. My first was on the Fractal and Quantum problems . While these are not pair reviewed they are my unique ideas and experiments and they are now crystalised in a journal.  I wonder what response I will get from these. The two papers go together. It has been around 26 years of thinking and working towards this. I am convinced the fractal is 'the bridge' between the quantum and the cosmos. My work does not point to any insights on gravity, though it may have something to say about 'dark matter'. I will only progress on this if I get encouragement to do so. Time to move on to other things.  See my early post on the submission of this paper.  Fractal Cosmology Paper Unifying Theory Submitted