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Reinterpreting John Tyndall’s GHG Experiment Thermoelectric and Raman Spectroscopy

Update 2020 I have a new paper:  Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory Update May 2017 I am currently writing up a new paper, bringing together everything I know in an improved format. I have had many discussions with professional scientists, from which I am still positive about my hypothesis. Update 2016 04 23 While I have had the support of two professors, others have shown absolute dislike to my discoveries. I was in review with a retired professor of chemistry, a climate sceptic, for 1 mo nth, 40 odd email exchanges, and he gave me every logical fallacy in the book, red herrings, and in the end, suggested I made it all up. I have not made this up. I have posted on a page a transcript of a dialogue I had with some scientists on Facebook. I want to post this to show the fallacies. If I am wrong. Tell me where I am wrong, and if I see I am wrong I will change my claim.    Reinterpreting and Augmenting John Tyndall’s 1859 Greenhouse Gas Experime