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Proposal to test the Non-Greenhouse Gases for IR Radiation with the Raman spectrometer

By Greenhouse Theory, 99% of the dry atmosphere, nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), (the non-greenhouse gases), are assumed not to absorb or emit infrared radiation. They are claimed to gain their heat energy from molecular 'collisions' with the 1% special heat-trapping greenhouse gases. This process of 'collisions' implies thermal conduction of heat.  Four things:  foundation radiation physics/ quantum mechanics claims all matter with a temperature radiates infrared light,   air is a poor thermal conductor, one of the poorest known (0.026W.m.K.),  if the, for instance, 0.04% CO2 did transfer heat by conduction to all the 99% nearly instantaneously, its claimed heat-trapping properties would have to be extraordinarily special to share this gained energy equally, not just special, and if the air did transfer heat by collisions, we would live in a hell of heat as we would feel the heat of every matter directly through the air.  If the greenhouse theory were true, with the amb