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Tree growth acceleration explanation fractal

Update 2014 10 01 I have published at Fractal Geometry a Possible Explanation to the Accelerating Growth Rate of Trees Original entry: ".. most species mass growth rate increases continuously with tree size.": A recent podcast interview on Radio New Zealand 'Nights' (see below) between host Bryan Crump and Ecologist Professor Mark Harmon on the topic of trees growth rate accelerating caught my attention. At the moment I am writing a publication on expansion and the fractal (fractspansion) and I have used trees as an analogy and example in my paper to explain what I believe to be the dark energy in the accelerating expansion of the observable universe. Even if I could not find proof of my finding that trees growth also accelerated, I stuck with trees, and now I hear this – wow, supporting evidence! It is no coincidence that both trees and the universe expand exponentially - all things fractal do. I just have to prove the universe is a