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A momentous morning for me.  Copernicus and Galileo were my inspirations, and after (this morning) uncovering and clearing some critical details, I’m now not afraid anymore – to speak, to show. Last month, I published on my blog two entries I had been working on for the previous 5 years: one on the fractal record of CO2 and the other on the fractal profile of CO2 (still in progress). (   and ). This morning, I published a complementary ‘wiki website ( ) to these entries that will show and democratise ‘the where(?)’ (the examples of phenomena – at all scales) (or not!). Where does a phenomenon do as it is ‘said’ to do? Orbiting bodies and a sun-centred ‘universe’ is a good case: before the telescope and evidence, a world of dogma, and after, a world of ‘science’. With the Hubble and (broken) Kepler te

A fractal derived theory of religion: survival

Religion is an Emergent Fractal   Structure Formed From the Life Force Survival. Blair D. Macdonald First Posted:   2013 -5 -7 Update: 2015- 12- 18 Absract This paper addresses a possible cause of religion or secular belief. It suggests it is an advanced, evolved manifestation of the life force survival. The developed human brain manages survival for—and in—the afterlife. The human mind can imagine the afterlife and so must survive; religions have evolved to meet this demand. This survival theory may also explain secular religions. 1         Introduction The fractal, far from being only exciting images and complex mathematics, is also – as I am personally discovering – an instrument of great insight that complements science and its ‘mission’ to understand and explain the workings of the universe. I have been attempting to decipher and understand this instrument; from classical economics to evolution, and even in quantum mec