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Hubble Tension, the Emissivity of the Universe?

Image Could the Hubble tension between the CMB (Hubble value of 67) and the supernova Hubble ladder (value of 73) be the emissivity of the universe given the detectors of the CMB are thermo-electric? Thermoelectric devices all produce bell-shaped curves called blackbody curves and they all have the emissivity correction problem. If we assume the ladder method is correct and there is a systematic (emissivity) error in the CMB map, what temperature would the universe have to be to make the two have a Hubble constant equal to the ladder method? That difference, I think, would be the emissivity of the universe. And that would be an acceptable solution as all things have an emissivity reading, why not the universe? Credit:

A Fractal Theory of Quantum Foundations

Update October 2021: Finally, after 12 years of working, last night I posted my quantum fractal paper; in it, I address the big questions of physics with a simple, modern, and well-known geometry, the fractal. I feel a little nervous actually, it appears no one has ever done this. If I can get some (financial/grant) support on it I'll take it to publication, rewriting and adapting it to suit — which is all too much for me here and now on my own. Besides, I want to work with the atmosphere stuff, where I use real quantum mechanics to reveal how the infrared atmosphere really works; way more exciting. Actually, there is still work to be done with the fractal: 'a theory of knowledge' from it.  Update May 2021: for the last 6 months I have been rewriting my paper, with help, and am hoping to publish my findings.

Augmenting Infrared Blackbody Radiation Theory with Raman Spectrometry

This diagram shows the quantum-predicted spectra of the infrared atmosphere. It distinguishes between, what I term, the thermo-transductive (IR) and the Raman active spectra. It also shows the 19th-century derived 'blackbody' curve for the Sun (b) and the Earth (c). The curve 'a' is the 20-century correction curve derived by Raman spectroscopy. This curve is my work and I aim to change radiation and greenhouse theory with it. Raman spectrometers through the Boltzmann constant measure the temperature of the shown molecules. All matter radiates. And that includes the gases of the atmosphere. In my two papers(  Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory  and  The Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Misconceived by Thermoelectric Transducers  ) I expose and address this discrepancy. I call it a systematic error that has played itself out over the last 160 years; Raman spectroscopy had solved it. Augmenting Infrared Blackbody Radiation Curves wit