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A theory of everything: to blog, or to publish?

  I have since published in 2023:  Update: I have published on this blog, read here. I have been having a very difficult time recently , and I am not totally sure what to do? What do you suggest? I have taken down my many entries on the fractal because I am afraid they will not stand as an official claim to knowledge. Do I publish here on my own, using the low-cost technology of the web, or go through the usual costly slow peer review process? The thing is, my discoveries with the fractal, have led me to - what I believe - a straightforward theory of Quantum Mechanics, or what might be called 'a theory of everything'. When I listen to the 'experts' on the subject of quantum mechanics, it is as if they are speaking about the same things as I have discovered - but not yet published - in the fractal. Everything!: duality, uncertainty and entanglement, and even time and relativity included. What am I to do? I have been advised by a 'highly' academic