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Radiation Transmitted by Atmosphere Raman

  I have just put the finishing touches on my model of the infrared atmosphere. Artwork really, but the culmination of 10 years of research. It builds on the previous 19th-century technology-based model, of the same name, only mine includes the measurements by the modern laser-based Raman spectrometer/Lidar. This knowledge is ignored by proponents on both sides of the climate debate. Both sides tell me I am wrong, but none tell me where I am wrong without breaking the laws and practical applications of physics. With this knowledge, there are no paradoxes or contradictions, for instance, that Nitrogen and Oxygen do not absorb or emit infrared radiation when by classical (and quantum) physics all matter with a temperature radiates infrared. Your attention can be drawn to the blue and green (Raman detected) lines. These lines are not included in greenhouse theory and as a result, the likes of Nitrogen and Oxygen (99% of the dry atmosphere) are claimed not to be greenhouse gases. By Raman