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Solving the quantum measurement problem with the fractal

  Addressing ‘The Measurement Problem’ by Fractal Landscape s and Reference Points In my paper, The Fractal Corresponds with Light and Foundational Quantum Problems , I discuss the measurement problem in quantum physics as being a problem of the fractal also. The issue arises when matter or points of matter are believed to exist in multiple locations simultaneously in the quantum micro world, but this changes when they are observed. This is a significant challenge in quantum physics and one of several topics of the quantum that I address with the fractal. --- The isolated iterating scale-invariant fractal is a prime example of the "measurement problem" in quantum mechanics. Without a reference, it is impossible to determine the position and scale of the bit sizes on the superposition fractal. However, once a reference is made, the position and scale become clear. This issue is directly related to the "observation" and "measurement problem" of quantum mec

Settling the Climate Debate With Quantum-Based Raman Spectroscopy

  I wrote the following for Principia Scientifica upon submitting my paper on Raman spectroscopy for review.  Settling The Climate woo With Quantum-Based Raman Spectroscopy Published on  April 2, 2019 Written by Blair Macdonald Premise, premise, conclusion: this is the foundation of deductive reasoning and that of the scientific method. If one of your premises collapses; so too should your theory – and with it sometimes your paradigm. With greenhouse theory, it seems to me we focus on and argue over its conclusions and its effects, and not enough or at all on its premises. By ‘we’ I mean all of science, both sides of the great debate. The proponents of greenhouse theory strongly claim that at its foundations ‘the science is settled’ and need not – based on principles of fundamental physics –  be questioned. Greenhouse theory is underpinned by a special group of trace gases – of which carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is a part – that are together claimed to be the only gases to absorb and emit (l