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Neil Armstrong, Sir Edmund Hillary Letter

    I would like to share with you a copy of this letter I received from Sir Edmund Hillary. In early 1996 I wrote a him asking whether he had met Neil Armstrong - at the time I thought the two of them to be two of our greatest explorers (alive). I recall writing that if you hadn't, then maybe they should. Both continue to inspire me greatly.    

The expanding fractal

The expanding fractal Update 2014 09 22 Yesterday I published/posted at  : Fractal Geometry a Possible Explanation to the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe and Other Standard ΛCMB Model Anomalies also at: Abstract One of the great questions in modern cosmology today is what is causing the accelerating expansion of the universe – the so called dark energy. It has been recently discovered this property is not unique to the universe; trees also do it and trees are fractals. Do fractals offer insight to the accelerating expansion a property of the universe and more? In this investigation a simple experiment was undertaken on the classical (Koch snowflake) fractal. It was inverted to model and record observations from within an iterating fractal set as if at a static (measured) position. New triangles sizes were held constant allowing earlier triangles in the set to expand as the set iterated. Velo