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Fractal Cosmology David Hogg Letter

Just for the recor d. A week or two back I sent what might be the most important email of my life. In March I saw the results of a recent large-scale universe quasar survey corresponded directly with my fractal model of the universe and that one of the authors of this survey/paper is the key opponent to fractal cosmology, Professor David W. Hogg of New York University. I had to respond and I have. This is some background from New Scientist Magazine 2007: 'Hogg's team feel that until there's a theory to explain why the galaxy clustering is fractal, there's no point in taking it seriously. "My view is that there's no reason to even contemplate a fractal structure for the universe until there is a physical fractal model," says Hogg. "Until there's an inhomogeneous fractal model to test, it's like tilting at windmills." In my email, I have shown him and all the authors (why not!) that I have that model, and it is described in the 2nd of two

New Fractal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

I am writing a letter to the Nobel Laureate, John Clauser, explaining to him what I had published on the fractal and quantum mechanics and it occurred to me, for the first time, that I may have written a totally new quantum interpretation. I had never thought of that before.  My fractal interpretation  of quantum mechanics covers all the other interpretations, and more — it links quantum mechanics to cosmology. They are inextricably linked. I have not heard a word back, from anyone.  My papers: International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Speculations. The Fractal Corresponds with Lig ht a nd Foundational Quantum Problems ). Experiment on Inverted Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures What is a Quantum Interpretation?  This from  The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is a physical theory developed in the 1920s to account for the behavior o