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Debunking Greenhouse Theory Physics

I have now published my updated theory of the atmosphere.  Augmenting 19th Century Thermoelectric Greenhouse Theory with 20th Century Quantum Mechanics Raman Spectroscopy: Towards a Coherent Radiation Theory of the Atmosphere Debunking Greenhouse Theory Physics The Gassy Messenger. Abstract Modern climate science's fundamental premise (or assumption) is that greenhouse gases (around 2% of the atmosphere) absorb radiant infrared (IR) heat (as derived by IR spectroscopy) and are the main climate driver because of this speciality. This premise originates with the  John Tyndall 1859 thermopile infrared detection experiment . The (other)  non-greenhouse  gases  (N 2  nitrogen and O 2  oxygen)  are distinguished from the  greenhouse  gases by their (said * ) inability to absorb (infrared) heat, as deduced from the same experiment: here, absorption is confused with opacity.   Raman spectroscopy (a complement to IR spectroscopy) challenges this greenhouse gas non-greenhouse gas par