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Fractal Monopoly vs Perfect Competition or Knowledge

Fractal analysis demonstrates  Information asymmetry :  Monopoly and Perfect Competition The diagram below shows the development of the fractal Koch Snowflake. Shape equilibrium (Perfect Knowledge) - but not absolute information as the fractal is infinite in detail or size - is reached at iteration 4 -  where the marginal benefit is equal to marginal cost.  Perfect Knowledge or ‘perfect information'  is achieved only with free, open, competitive, or unobstructed feedback. Any obstruction to 'iteration' in achieving this equilibrium - due to what may be termed a knowledge monopoly - will produce an incomplete fractal shape, imperfect knowledge, asymmetric information. At some stage in the future, when things calm down, I plan to come back to this entry and update and further explain it: there is just so much to do.

Evolution and the fractal

Evolution and the fractal It is implied from many references, from leading biologist's, and mathematicians: 'that evolution has (often) found fractal ways, or has used fractal ways'.  This is totally misleading. Evolution is a feature of the fractal. Evolution is always, and everywhere, fractal.   Dictionary Search Results ev·o·lu·tion noun  /ˌevəˈlo͞oSHən/  evolutions, plural The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form - the forms of written languages undergo constant  evolution Synonyms noun:  development ,  growth ,  progress If evolution is defined as change through time: and  fractality: as the ' same', but 'different' - at all scales then evolution is a (universal) fractal process, and can be demonstrated

Butterfly Effect a flawed argument; Credit Card Effect better

I think the 'Butterfly effect' has a flaw, or is at least misleading. It suggests two attractors: the (flying) butterfly - which is governed by aerodynamics, and the (blowing and turbulent) typhoon - governed by thermodynamics.  Chaos theory suggests that each and every attractor demonstrates 'chaos' in a system; that a system (an attractor) in isolation will experience chaos - without any other influences. The real butterfly effect maybe more like.. 'the flapping of a butterflies wings could explain the presence, or existence, of the large (747) jet aircraft flying today - which is aerodynamics; or the heat emitted from the butterflies breath, could explain the typhoon, which is thermodynamics. What do you think? The credit card effect - one persons credit card debt could bankrupt a country - or the world. Dangerous debt burdens migrate from the small scale  - individual  - to the large scale - country - through moral hazard bail-outs