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Cosmic Rays Determine Weather and Climate

  Beryllium 10, my word for the week; and I found it where it should be, at the end of the last ice age. We now know the mechanism of the connection between (Galileo's) sunspots and short-term and long-term climate, and of course, the weather. The mechanism is cosmic rays, and the modulation of them by the Sun's magnetic (sunspot) activity. When the sun is at solar minima we are not protected from the showering of these high energy subatomic particles; and they help, as a consequence, seed cloud nuclei leading to more cloud, more precipitation, and eventually colder (different from place to place, it can be hotter in places). Laboratory experiments have demonstrated this mechanism. When the sun is active, as it has been over the last 100 years (coincidence?!), we are shielded from them; but, before then, since the 14th Century, the cosmic rays were more - as measured by isotope Carbon 14 - and as a consequence, it was 'little ice age' cold, with extensive global glaci

Fake Silver Coin Candle test.

Candle test. It is my test but it works based on silvers high thermal conductivity compared to other metals. From a coin at room temperature, hold the edge of a coin on the top of the yellow candle flame, it should take around 9 to 15 seconds for real silver before it is too hot to hold. And when the heat comes, it comes fast. Other metals are way over 20 seconds and up to 35 seconds. If you are worried about damaging the coin, well, it's not going to if it is real silver.

Refuting Greenhouse Theory Kitchen Experiment: GHGs and glass transparent to real IR heat and Germanium non-transparent

Does IR transparent germanium block infrared radiation? NO, it does not. Summary By greenhouse theory, glass, H2O, CO2 and other greenhouse gases are claimed to absorb infrared (IR) radiation. They are non-transparent to the infrared. Conversely, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Germanium are assumed to be transparent to IR. We know this by the instrument that measures IR, the thermoelectric thermopile. I tested, by a simple experiment, the said substances for the said claims by exposing the substances to real 'hot' infrared heat radiation. The heat that burns without contact. All, but for water, failed the test: it is the complete opposite than is claimed. I conclude it is the instrument, the thermopile, that has led us to a systematic error. Greenhouse theory is based on this instrument and as a result, is incomplete. Background I’d like to share with you, for the record, and as brief, as I can, an experiment I conducted this time last week that refutes the foundational physics of gre