Fractal Log Analysis Linear functions

Koch Snowflake Fractal Log Analysis

These are diagrams that I created the last summer, I hoped that they would shed some light on fractal elasticity: but they didn't. But, in saying that, I am not finished yet with them, I don't have the time, or the more profound knowledge to do a complete analysis with them. 

I am publishing them to show they exist and that this is what I have been doing, and because better to have them here, than still on my computer. Maybe someone else can look at them, and make something of them. 
I am sure -  and can therefore infer - from the shape, and characteristics of them in this analysis, that this is the origin of the classical linear demand functions and linear supply functions - and all this from an understanding of the fractal. 
I can only think of the: 'walk like a duck, quacks like a duck'.

Linear Area Function, derived from the Koch Snowflake fractal.


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