Giant Arc evidence of a fractal universe

I'm looking at my feeds and I see astronomers have discovered (or finally recognised, we've known about them for years) there is a 'large' structure at the outer edges of the universe. 3 billion years wide, 'Giant Arc'.
This blows apart the standard model of cosmology as for it galaxy distribution is smooth on all scales. But a few have challenged this view and said the universe is fractal - fractal-cosmology. I came into this from the outside, indirectly.
The universe is recognised 'by science' as being fractal on small scales (out to around 1 billion years) but on large it is smooth and assumed not fractal. No. No, it is not smooth, and nor should it be.
I have taken the fractal-cosmology further by modelling a fractal (doing the maths directly from a fractal, an experiment) and big structures like the Giant Arc are exactly what we would expect to see - like big branches on a tree near the trunk. I also predict from my model, (Hubble) expansion, accelerated growth, and all from small beginnings.
Trees are easy to view fractal structures: the trunk of a growing tree was once the seedling. The seedling size branch is now on the outer branches (and doing the work, it has the leaves), supported by the larger and larger branches (see the image). Trees, all plants, accelerate in size with age. Don't forget, my day job is as an economist and none of this is lost on that. I have it that an economy, human or otherwise, is built on the principles of the geometry of the fractal, but that's another thing... (not really ).
The model in the image shows the dual view of the growth of a fractal. Think of the triangles as a branch. The top sequence (a) is how we view the growth - the tree for example, where the trunk size remains constant; and below (b) is how the structure really grows (from the perspective of the constant sized unit, 'the seedling/trig').

I have it that the below is the growth of the cosmos (and other) and the above reveals a total insight into what is termed, quantum mechanics, and it is this what I am currently writing up. It is the challenge of my life. Together, the two views, are understood by fractal geometry.


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