Emergent Fractal Attractor Corresponds with Foundational Quantum Problems

I have for over ten years now been writing a theory of quantum mechanics through the fractal. I have found the fractal demonstrates all aspects of the quantum. My problem has been how to get this down on paper and publish it.

Over a 6 month period, late 2020 and early 2021 I worked on the following paper with my supervisor, but in the end, I throw it down not at all happy with what I had achieved. I need to approach it in a different way; rather than being an experiment, describe the fractal from a deductive point of view. This I intend to do when things have settled and I have had a break from it all, but this is what I have achieved so far. 

Keep in touch, I will let you know when I get started again. 


The field of foundational quantum mechanics originated nearly one hundred years ago yet remains one of the greatest mysteries to physicists today. The experiment in this study tests whether the geometry of fractals, according to a simple isolated iterating fractal (the Koch Snowflake), correspond to the accepted description of 1) electromagnetic wave-particles (light) and 2) quantum enigmas. In this investigation, an experiment was conducted on an isolated iterating Koch Snowflake fractal. The propagation of changes to triangle ‘bits’ was observed and measured quantitively and the implications of these changes were described and discussed. It was found the fractal when in isolation, behaves as a quantum entity. The fractal has, 1) wave-particle duality, 2) an oscillating, exponential, sinusoidal wave of discrete ‘bits’ of information and 3) in superposition. Constant light speed ‘c' was reasoned to be a property of the growth behaviour of the fractal. It was discussed that a concept and a direction of time would be experienced by an observer within the fractal set, and it was reasoned, corresponding to special relativity, this perception of time would slow to a stop when travelling at the frontier of the set and speed of propagation bits. The quantum ‘measurement problem’, ‘uncertainty principle’, and ‘entanglement’ were all addressed as also being a problem of isolated fractals within fractal landscapes or fields where ‘position’ is only ‘known’ by the addition of information or markers. The quantum-classical interface is a problem of the fractal and is scale-invariant. From this experiment, the opportunity arises to model and analyse what is viewed behind the observer as the fractal iterates. This dual retrospective perspective may offer a unification between quantum mechanics and cosmological mathematics, observations, and conjectures; in so doing possibly explaining the vacuum catastrophe. All these problems may all be different, dual and complementary aspects of the one fractal geometry.

Emergent Fractal Attractor Corresponds with Foundational Quantum Problems




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