Response to Sabine Hossenfelder Big Ring Galaxies

This post is in response to Sabine Hossenfelders clip (below) Astrophysicists find Big Ring of Galaxies that Should Not Exist 

 I wrote the following in the comments. It appears to be shadow banned, sadly. 

"This is, to me, key evidence that the universe is a fractal. I have modelled a (growing) fractal from the perspective of an observer within one. My model produces Hubble (diagram) expansion that is accelerating with time from a point beginning. Points on the fractal recede away just as galaxies are observed by astronomers. The model also predicts these large structures; what I call the boughs of the fractal. The CMB is the trunk. We are in the clustered and super-clustered branches of the fractal shape. Last week my work was published in The International Journal of Quantum Foundations and 8 months ago I published in the same journal on how the fractal shares problems known as the quantum. The astronomical observations and the quantum problems are two aspects of the one, fractal, geometry. I am looking forward to a comment for the journal (apart from the editor) or other similar."


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