Fractal Speed

What is the maximum speed at which a fractal can be produced? 

The fractal is produced at the fractal processing speed (fractal speed), which is the speed at which a discernible fractal shape can be created. This speed also determines the speed of zooming in or magnification into the fractal and the speed of the fractal wave.
Fractal zoom

Fractal speed can be demonstrated by drawing the Koch snowflake freehand. This is rather slow and timely; a much faster method is with modern computers, as shown below. The speed is thus limited by the processing power of production. I have published early entries on the production of the fractal. The average modern computer (in 2011) cannot produce many more than 7 iterations  –  in one view or 'fractal paradigm'  – before the computer crashes. To produce or see more, we must zoom – forward and into the fractal.
The maximum zoom fractal speed must be 'Maxwell’s'  – speed of light.   
Fractal development

If this is so, then special relativity should also be consistent with the fractal, as the fractal demonstrates increasing cost with more iterations or production. In relativity, the extra—marginal—cost is mass. See the diagram below: mass or cost limits the production speed.
It may be that at the maximum fractal speed – the speed of light? –  the fractal is also at a 'perfect' state of superposition where there are no reference points –  and thus no connection to time.


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