Fractal Foundational Quantum Theory Published

 Hello everyone. 

I have been away from my blog for the last year waiting for the decision on my submission to the International Journal of Quantum Foundations. 

I can now announce my work has been published in the journals speculations supplement. 

I am very pleased, it took a lot of work and thought. 

I have had no reply to date. 

We'll see. 

You can read it at the following. 

 The Fractal Corresponds with Light and Foundational Quantum Problems


After nearly one hundred years after its origins, foundational quantum mechanics remains one of the greatest unexplained mysteries in physicists today. Within this time, chaos theory and its geometry— the fractal—has developed.  In this paper, the propagation behaviour of a simple iterating fractal—the Koch Snowflake—was described, analysed and discussed. From an arbitrary observation point within the fractal set the fractal propagates forward by oscillation, and retrospectively— viewing behind—it grows exponentially from a point beginning. The fractal propagates a potentially infinite exponential sinusoidal wave of discrete triangle bits sharing many characteristics of light and quantum entities. The fractal’s wave speed is potentially constant; offering insights into the perception and a direction of time where, to an observer when travelling at the frontier of propagation, change, and thus time, may slow to a stop. In isolation, the infinite fractal is a superposition of component bits where position and scale present a problem of location. In reality, it was discussed, this problem is experienced within isolated ‘fractal landscapes’ where position is only known by the addition of information or markers. The quantum ‘measurement problem’, ‘uncertainty principle’, ‘entanglement’ and the quantum-classical interface are addressed; these are a problem of scale-invariance associated with isolated fractality. Dual forward and retrospective perspectives of the fractal model offer the opportunity for unification between quantum mechanics and cosmological mathematics, observations, and conjectures. Quantum and cosmological problems may be different aspects of the one—fractal—geometry.


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