Fractal Cosmology Paper Unifying Theory Submitted

 "Dear Dr Macdonald, We have received your article "In Situ Experiment on a Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures". We will consider it for possible publication in International Journal of Quantum Foundations.

Thank you for submitting your work to this journal."
Last night I submitted my second paper on the same (fractal) geometry to the same journal. (Again, I do not hold a PhD). (giggle)
In this paper, I wrote up a model/experiment showing what you would expect to see if you were in a growing fractal and show this view corresponds (exactly! give or take the effects of gravity) with cosmological observations. It is as if we are in the branches of a large tree (images b and c), surrounded by branches and looking down and out to the bigger branches, the boughs, and then the trunk - that was once the seedling. Trees are a perfect example of a fractal (which incidentally all grow exponentially with age).
Now, there is a controversy with this claim: a 'fractal universe' has already been ruled out by current science. Current thinking grants the universe is fractal, but only near us. My model shows everything about the universe is fractal including its Hubble and accelerated expansion and the observed distribution of galaxies.
Current thinking assumes the 'cosmological principle' holds, that the universe is the same everywhere, no matter where you are in it, but it is, by image 'a' not. Image 'a' is 'the map of the universe'. Every dot on that image is a real measured galaxy. Do you agree, it is not the same everywhere. Current science thinks that the outer smoothness matches the cosmological principle. Well, I think they are wrong.
The blue dots (and the blue ring) are old galaxies and consist of large quasar group (LQGs) structures, the largest structures known, and they correspond, I think, with the boughs (as shown in b and c). The cosmic microwave background (CMB), the outer limit, is 'the trunk'.

Unifying Theory

The interesting thing is this paper is complementary to my earlier paper where I show the fractal corresponds with the quantum problem and light, .... only the biggest problems to science!
Anyway, we'll see. I don't know if they will accept this one, it may be too controversial, but it is already in an online repository and is referenced in my 'quantum' paper.
Now, onto other things...


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