Fractal Proof We Walked on the Moon

I quickly wrote this reply to a Facebook comment: "You guys really think he walked on the moon why and how do you know it’s true"

My comment

Purely by the complexity of the story. If it were fake the complex story we know would have to have been scripted, top-down, like a movie script. The reality is the story is infinite in complexity, right down to the people who stitched the suits, the boots the chutes and more. Full of stories by all of the hundreds of thousands involved. Every flight, hours and hours of specialist language, the problems they had and overcame; it would all have had to be scripted. No one could do that. It was hard enough to script the 2hr movie, Apollo 13, the best of Hollywood in its time and it wasn't really the real story compared to what is told by those there. It is my test and I think it is the best. Reality is complex and fractal, fake is not.


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