Contents: Fractal - Economics

When I'm teaching economics, I am often thinking and creating connections between the subject of Economics and the insights from fractals: these are my current published works (on this blog) - towards a Fractal- Economic theory.

1.1 Marginal Analysis of Fractal
1.2 negative marginal utility is misattributed
1.3 marginal-cost-production-of-fractal
1.5 Elasticity-complexity-fractal-dimension-
1.5.1 elasticity-along-straight line demand curve
1.6 -seven-plus-or-minus-two.
1.7 fractal-growth-development
1.8 sustainability and the fractal
1.9 inflation-aways-and-everwhere-fractal.
1.10 Lorenz-curve-of-Koch-snowflake-fractal
1.11 public-goods
1.12: macro-and-micro-economics-fractal
1.13: fractal-monopoly-vs-perfect competition
1.15: rationality-and-chaos
1.16:Decades of Common Agriculture Policy leave Europe with little future hope
1.17:The Credit Card Effect rather than the butterfly effect.
1.18 Ceteris Paribus and the fractal
1.19 Paradox of Value and the Fractal

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