Fractalnomics Progress Diary

2024 05 15
Hi everyone, 
At a pretty low ebb in my life. I seem to be getting nowhere, but what did I expect, my work is disruptive and not mainstream. Since I was last here I have put out two papers, in the journal, The International Journal of Quantum Foundations, but I have yet to hear anything.  
I have been also writing my blog, and have continued with my atmosphere work. I have a book to write. 
Thanks for following. 

The Fractal Corresponds with Light and Foundational Quantum Problems Experiment on Inverted Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures

2020 03 10
Since my last update, I have been very busy with the atmosphere and fractal cosmology. See my current work at
I am currently working on - finally - my quantum fractal paper; though I am finding it difficult to keep my enthusiasm as there seems to be no to little interest in any of my work.
I am also preparing an experiment proposal to test for N2 and O2 radiation.
2017 05 16
For the last year I have been writing up my fractal economics paper and fractal Lorenz curve paper, both of which were rejected for publication. I have also improved the Cosmological Inverted fractal Paper. Apart from some interest from amateurs,I have not been able to make contact with any Of what I think another right people. Not the best of times, all I have to show for my work are pains in my arms from overuse.
I am currently working on my atmospheric discoveries; where I am totally rewriting my previous Tyndall experiment paper, again I am totally alone on this. At the same time as this, I am writing the fractal quantum paper. When I have finished these two papers I will have finished what I hoped to do years back.


Well, it's been pretty busy; I've completed my Lorenz fractal insights, and now I'm focusing on my where I began, the marginal fractal.
I have still had no reviews or interest.
Have not been thinking about cosmology for some time, though I have work to do connecting merger halos with the fractal expansion. One of my friend's called my theory 'the big Blair theory'. Pretty funny. Anyway, no one has reviewed it and I'm going to move on. I feel very sad when I think about it.
Working on IR and Raman spectroscopy again, writing up the stary gassy messenger ready to publish/post. Very interesting, I Think I have a show stopper.

After that I plan to go back to my origins and write up the fractal and economic theory.

Have published three papers at now, and today wrote letters to the different groups to kindle responses. Tired.
Everything or nothing.

Have been working towards publishing with PLoS ONE, but have since discovered, it is perfect for the likes of me. I shall publish all I have there. It will take some time, but it has to be done.

Close to publishing now.
Working with fractal inflation: both the cosmology inflation and economics/money one. I am puzzled why inflation doesn't seem to occur in 'nature'. Or does it? If it doesn't repeat, is it our creation.  I have a money entry on the go with an experiment to complement the Big Mac index. And still one to do on duality.
I am about to launch my wiki called I put it together some years ago, and now that I have published the fractal profile, it is ready to go.

Good times.

Working on the 'inverted fractal' for publication, still drafting, very challenging.
I am now in the process of preparing to publish. I have someone willing to help me. I have got to if I want these discoveries to be evaluated. It starts now.

I am deeply inspired and happy to have found the works of Dava Sobel on Copernicus and Galileo and have been watching:

Thank you Dava.

Have many on the go at one time - too many?
I have been trying to find the wavelength of the fractal, and have found it (again) impossible to determine and in the end subjective.
Working on an entry: a fractal explanation of religion . Very challenging. After all this work I have done so far, I have had next to no-one ask any questions, I wonder what response I will get writing on these topics.
Working on a connect between the de Broglie wave function and the classical demand curve. Not so easy, but an interesting exercise, and opening many other doors.
In the process of re-doing my diagrams: checking the maths; setting the base triangle to Iteration 0; setting the base area to an area of 100 and renaming them.

Produced a number of entries on the wave nature of the fractal and other quantum-ish stuff, and now have a spiral, very exciting for me. I have also found ways of constructing log functions for my earlier work on the demand curve.
I have an entry to write on the expanding fractal: I am thinking of it as a theory of unity, and it will have something to say about the expanding universe discoveries: fractals also expand at an accelerating rate when iterated.
Am working on, and getting ready to soon publish, the fractal laws of knowledge. Wish I had someone to work with. I said to a friend this week, laughing - 'either I'm before my time, or I am an idiot'. I'm the former.
I have also grown to think that what I am dealing with is 'a theory of everything', or at least a part of it . I am now absolutely confident that the fractal is quantum - they are one and the same. I will begin writing this up soon as I can. It is as if the fractal is a force of its own. Exciting

My mind is full of ideas, this morning I am watching documentaries on quantum. Can you believe I have something to say about quantum. Well, I do, and have been discussing it with my  physics and chemistry colleagues - they are impressed and give me much needed support.
Put out my entry on ceteris paribus this week - one of the most important insights from the fractal - and I see 4 people have looked at it (lol).

Nice to (quickly) place a new entry today, this one on decay. I have found that if I cannot put  things out fast, I never seem to do them, so my entries are brief, but hopefully to the point - which I can afford -  and in line with fractal economics itself - considering I am (as far as I know) the first on the block.
I am back to teaching again and I can feel the inspiration growing again after a break.
Soon time to return to work after a long holiday, I thought I would have written more over this time but think I have become a victim of my own analysis and just what the fractal cost curve shows us -  that when the pressure comes off, one does not produce.
Out again running yesterday and cracked a real problem I have been having with 'time' being  a determinate of elasticity, how can that be? It contradicted my analysis.
With this problem in mind I have settled substitution too - it fits. An entry on this will come.
I am having trouble returning comments. Blondie, you have inspired me to write on value.
Went for a run in the forest today. Thinking about short run long run costs; decay (radio active) and quantum - small stuff really. Also working on my wiki site, that I will launch soon.

Soon I will have 5000 hits. I have come to understand that (of course) what I am doing is fractal itself: slow and out of shape at first, but always growing and developing.


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