Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Koch Snowflake Area paradox: it's infinite I say.

I don't agree the area of the Koch snowflake is finite as claimed. The calculation may give the result of finite number - from a fixed point - but as the system is iterating infinity, as is assumed, the area of each added triangle will be real, and these areas infinitely diminishing - asymptotically. 

If we were to zoom into the 'last' iteration area size where the area goes finite, I am sure we would 'see' iteration continuing and with this diminishing added area.

Infinite Series and convergence.
There seems to be a paradox here, a practical result conflicting with a calculated result. I think in reality it is both: these infinite series must go on (converging), presenting ever diminishing values, and thus the 'limit' must be irrational, not finite. But I am not going to challenge the finite calculation, I have not the authority or ability to do that. Interesting.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Presenting my work.

For the first time in 2 years I taught my beloved demand theory and drew the demand curve; the first time since I've written my fractal theory 'of everything'  . In the last 5- 10 minutes of the class I showed part of what I have discovered: a window into, and link between 'reality' and quantum world through a geometry. 
Funny thing is, they said they got it. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Raman Infrared Atmosphere Facebook Dialog with PhD Physicist

The following is a 'rapid fire' dialog I recently had with (theoretical physicist) Dr. Tom Rodolfo Lee and (award winning) graduate physicist Julian Ingham on the Albert Einstein Facebook site, from 20th of August 2017; before, and following the U.S.A. total eclipse . The dialog that reveals my complete theory and backing evidence on what I think is the incomplete infrared greenhouse theory of the atmosphere. In it I withstand, best I can, brutal rebuttals from scientists - experts - in their field. In the end they do not respond to my claims and evidence.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Debunking Greenhouse Theory Physics

Debunking Greenhouse Theory Physics

The Gassy Messenger.


Modern climate science's fundamental premise (or assumption) is that the greenhouse gases (around 2% of the atmosphere) absorb radiant infrared (IR) heat (as derived by IR spectroscopy), and are a main climate driver because of this specialty. This premise has its origins with the John Tyndall 1859 thermopile infrared detection experiment. The (other) non-greenhouse gases (N2 nitrogen and O2 oxygen) are distinguished from the greenhouse gases by their (said*) inability to absorb (infrared) heat, as deduced from the same experiment: here absorption is confused with opacity.  Raman spectroscopy (a complement to IR spectroscopy) challenges this greenhouse gas non greenhouse gas paradigm, and reveals this assumption and conclusion from any IR spectroscopy measurement to be false. It can be shown that N2 and O2 are, due to their symmetric vibration totally transparent to all IR detectors, but are not transparent to Raman detectors. Ramon Spectroscopy shows: CO2  and the other greenhouse gases to be typical, and not special; and that N2 and O2 to be greenhouse gases. Further claims are also challenged with respect to CO2 special properties in this entry.  The only valid co-efficient or method to measure a gases heat absorption is by Specific Heat Capacity: where CO2 is a poor contender.  

Friday, May 26, 2017

I picked the 2008 financial market crash.

In response to hearing 'economists didn't pick the crash', I did.

In 2004 I was teaching economics when I saw and recorded this program (below). I would show it to my student's, and spent the next 4 years being very unpopular to my friends and family saying it's going to slide and the global economy will go with it. They would laugh at me. Quite proud of that now. I had, at the time never heard of Austrian Economics, Peter Schiff or Michael Burry.
I argued the crash on the property wealth effect (illusion) and the elasticity of goods in the developed world: if the 'wealth' bubble popped the elastic goods will dry up, and it would be over.

Mortgage Madness (1/3): BBC2 - 29/10/2003  

There is not a moment I don't think about the real slide coming. My current students don't know about 2008 where I live in Sweden, it was paved over; so I have to teach it as a kind of history lesson. And the current property market is rocketing  - everywhere! fuelled on cheap money.
And they are laughing at me again. Cause it's going to slide.

My position on who is the cause; I say everybody, not just the banks were (are) the cause. People took (take) those loans, they cheated themselves and the system, and it came back on them. This is a systematic problem at both ends.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

That Humans were in America 130 thousand years ago fits.

Humans Lived in North America 130,000 Years Ago, Study Claims.

To me it's no problem they were there; their (Denisovan) DNA is in the 'first' Americans, as it is with the early people  (mostly the melanicians)  east of a line of Indonesia.

It fits with the Toba bottle neck catastrophe theory.

The Toba eruption 75k y.a. cleared humans to the west, and a new 'Eve' migration 'out of Africa' followed there after.  

Friday, August 5, 2016

To Professor Brian Cox on Facebook on Contradictions

I have placed the following comment on Professor Brian Cox's Facebook sight in response to the following clip; I look forward to review and or feedback.

Professor Cox, yes those laws 'repeat all over the universe', but there are two gaseous molecules that - by 'our' understanding of greenhouse theory - contradict these laws, nitrogen and oxygen - together making up some 99% of Earths atmosphere. In greenhouse theory N2 and O2 are assumed, as if by law, not to absorb or emit radiation, but this, if true, is in violation of both thermodynamics and quantum mechanics where everything above absolute zero and with spectra lines (vibration modes) vibrates and radiates; but conversely, if found wrong of mistaken, would pose a violation of greenhouse theory. So what gives? I have found the solution to the problem, and thermodynamics and QM hold; it is greenhouse theory as we know it that needs to be reviewed. N2 and O2 have (I have discovered) predicted vibration modes (by the QM Schrodinger equation - no less) within the infrared range of the EMS at 2330cm-1 and 1556cm-1 respectively. These predicted modes (I have discovered) cannot be measured by thermoelectric detectors as used in 'IR spectroscopy' (the same used to define the so called greenhouse gases and first used by John Tyndall in 1859) due to a vibration property they - and all the other greenhouse gases actually - share, but they can be (very clearly) measured by Raman spectroscopy - the complementary instrument to IR spectroscopy. If you think these modes, and what I have uncovered is trivial, well they are not, else a CO2 laser would not function. N2, at the said 2330 mode is excited (just as with your hydrogen) so as to 'pump' CO2's (close) 2349cm-1 mode. In laser theory, N2 is said to be metastable, long lasting. Please note I am not suggesting the atmosphere is a laser, it is just that the mode(s) exist.

In advance of the attacks I will no dealt receive over this claim, please tell me where I am directly wrong - everything to my claim is from published work, and is easily accessible and is standard knowledge to any chemist or physicist. And please note, there are no so-called 'climate sceptics' that enjoy my claim, this is a new pillar. If I am right though, this will be the greatest upset to science since the beginning of modern science itself, since Galileo pointed his telescope. The atmosphere only has greenhouse gases, just as Fourier first posited - no special ones - and CO2 is, I'm afraid, trivial.