Sunday, May 24, 2015

The M.A.D gun

In memory of John Nash, may I share with you my M.A.D. gun - something I have been thinking about a lot, even today before I learned of John Nash's death.
My ideas come not directly from him, but from Thomas Schelling - another economics game theory laureate, this time in the area of cold war nuclear deterrents . I was at his lecture in 2005: the same year that paradoxically the I.A.E.A. got the Nobel peace prize "for their efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to .."

The M.A.D. gun.
What if (just say) all firearms, all guns, had two barrels: one that shot your target - your adversary; and the other - at the same time - shot you. So, to use it, would mean you both die (or at least you die trying).  Question is, would it ever be used?  No, but you could argue: yes it would - to save the (your) group.

Well then, make a bigger gun - scale it up - so you get the group too. A cold war, nuclear stand off - as we still have (of sorts) today (even if we don't think about it).

So then, with that logic - and the near 70 years of no 'conventional' use of them, and the likes of Pakistan and India playing cricket and cooperating together again - why don't we, instead of cleaning up, riding the world of nuclear weapons, hand them out. Say 10 each (Middle East and all), with telephones to communicate.  

What would happen? Is it M.A.D, or is it peace.

 If you don't know what M.A.D. is

If you listen to part of Schelling's lecture, the last 5 minutes of it are most worth, at least for me.

Fuck I love economics.

In memory of John Nash

A great mind died today, a Newton of our time. His idea 'the Nash Equilibrium' offers explanation to likes of why we do not need deities to explain why we’re good (or not) to each other; why in the 69 (soon 70) years of nuclear weapons - all the many thousands of them - they’ve only been used twice in anger (that is amazing!); and even why Sweden didn’t get invaded during WWII, its global monopoly on the ball bearing was so important to both sides, any conflict on its soils would be a lose-lose outcome for both sides – a Nash Equilibrium, fight your battle some where else, not Sweden. There are many more, and I love spotting them.
It seems ironic he died in a car: one of the simplest examples of a Nash equilibrium is the explanation as to why we drive on one side of the road, and not both.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reinterpreting John Tyndall’s GHG Experiment Thermoelectric and Raman Spectroscopy

I have finally published:I thought to myself this morning wow - after not seeing anything close to what I have found when researching this paper - I have published a new theory of the atmosphere.

Reinterpreting and Augmenting John Tyndall’s 1859 Greenhouse Gas Experiment with Thermoelectric Theory and Raman Spectroscopy 
at: and

Here is a youtube presentation of my findings:

Climate science's fundamental premise – assumed by all parties in the great climate debate – says the greenhouse gases – constituting less than 2% of Earth’s atmosphere; first derived by John Tyndall‘s in his 1859 thermopile experiment, and demonstrated graphically today by infrared IR spectroscopy – are special because of their IR (heat) absorbing property. From this, it is – paradoxically – assumed the (remaining 98%) non-greenhouse gases N2 nitrogen and O2 oxygen are non-heat absorbent. This paper reveals, by elementary physics, the (deceptive) role thermopiles play in this paradox. It was found: for a special group substances – all sharing (at least one) electric dipole moment – i.e. CO2, and the other greenhouse gases – thermopiles – via the thermoelectric (Seebeck) effect – generate electricity from the radiated IR. Devices using the thermopile as a detector (e.g. IR spectrographs) discriminate, and have misinterpreted IR absorption for anomalies of electricity production – between the sample gases and a control heat source. N2 and O2 were found to have (as all substances) predicted vibrational modes (derived by the Schrodinger quantum equation) at 1556cm-1 and 2330cm-1 respectively – well within the IR range of the EM spectrum and are clearly observed – as expected – with Raman Spectroscopy – IR spectroscopy’s complement instrument. The non-greenhouse gases N2 and O2 are relegated to greenhouse gases, and Earth’s atmospheric thermoelectric spectrum was produced (formally IR spectrum), and was augmented with the Raman observations. It was concluded the said greenhouses gases are not special, but typical; and all substances have thermal absorption properties, as measured by their respective heat capacities.

Key Words: greenhouse gases, climate change, thermopiles, Raman, Seebeck effect, spectroscopy, John Tyndall


Figure 10. The Augmented Greenhouse Atmosphere. Combining Thermoelectric spectra with Raman spectral to reveal the complement of atmospheric vibrational modes, and the greenhouse atmosphere of planet Earth. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Natural fractal lake, Arethusa Pool, the worlds only?

Is Arethusa Pool (New Zealand) and its island's the worlds only natural fractal lake?

I was there with my family in January: it was a wonderful day, and very exciting for me - mathematically speaking.

Arethusa Pool (and its island) is on Mou Waho Island, which is on Lake Wanaka, which is on the South Island of New Zealand, which is in the South Pacific Ocean.

Water (the South Pacific Ocean), land (South Island New Zealand), water (lake Wanaka), land (Mou Waho Island) , water (Arethusa Pool), land (islands on Arethusa Pool); water in a puddle after rain (or when I filled it), land as small as a square centimeter inside the puddle, .....water??

Arethusa Pool, and Lake Wanaka New Zealand 2015.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Observed Galaxy Distribution Transition with Increasing Redshift a Property of the Fractal

I just published my third paper. This one is in response to this discovery:

I have found the universe is a standard, common garden variety fractal. It looks like a fractal – it is agreed by cosmologists to show fractal structure up to around 1 billion light years out, and thereafter is smooth, just as the clip shows, saving General Relativity (apparently) – and acts like a fractal – it has a beginning, and expands exponentially – it is a fractal. All fractals show a Hubble’s Law( increasing recessional velocity with distance from an observer) – and a cosmic microwave background –this is the trunk of your garden(fractal) tree. 

My presentation.

Full article at

Is the universe a fractal? This is one of the great – though not often talked about –questions in cosmology. In my publication I modelled the inverted (Koch snowflake) fractal and demonstrated Hubble’s Law, accelerating expansion, and a singularity beginning. Surveys of the universe – the most recent and largest, the 2012 WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey – show, galaxy distribution on small scales to be fractal, while on large-scales, homogeneity holds. There appears to be new anomaly to explain: a galaxy distribution transition from rough to smooth with cosmic distance. From my model I derived a Fractal-Hubble diagram. On this diagram, measurement points along the curve are clustered near the origin. This clustering was not addressed in discussions or part of the conclusion of my earlier experiment. Can this clustering of points account for the observed galaxy distribution transition? Could this transition be another property of fractals, and therefore could the universe – itself – be fractal? It was found, yes they do. Clustering of measurement points (and of galaxies) is as a result of observation position in the fractal. On small scales – relative to large scales – the cosmic surveys are what one would expect to see if one were viewing from within an iterating – growing – fractal. If trees – natural fractals that have also been found to grow at accelerating rates – are used to demonstrate this fractal: the large-scale smoothness maybe akin to a tree’s trunk; and the rough (fractal) on small-scales, to its branches. This discovery unifies the anomalies associated with the standard cosmological model. Together they are – through the mechanics of the fractal – inextricably linked.

Keywords: Fractal Cosmology, WiggleZ, Hubble’s Law, General Relativity, Galaxy Distribution, Cosmological Principle

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who Shot Vincent Nigel Murray?

Who shot my favourite squint Vincent  Nigel-Murray: it can't have been who we think it was, Jacob Broadsky.
The scene at 2:10 minutes is impossible: glass is opaque to infrared heat radiation, It is impossible for an Infrared camera to see through glass.

Any squint would know that.

Verify my claim yourself: watch this clip -

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malaysia Air MH370 theory suicide by volcano plunge

 I have a theory with some evidence on the disappearance of MH370 that I think should ruled out. 

There is one place on the ping ring map where an aircraft could be made to disappear, and this is if it were flown into an active volcano. 

I have deep interests in geology and (as an economist) game theory.

I believe the reason MH370 has not been found, or any wreckage of it, is because the pilot has put it in a place where it will not be found. He knows the black boxes will survive any crash and will tell the truth: this would shame him (his good record) and his family.  

The only way to erase all information of the terrible crime is to bury the aircraft. The only way to do this is to crash it into a volcano. 

Before you think this is too crazy for words. There is a massive volcano on the last ping ring: within his endurance, and has been erupting since and around (maybe just before) the 8th of March 2014 from being quiet for some time. It is the massive 3400m Mt Slamet on Java (I do not support this mans theory, but I totally agree with his proposed MH370 track).

On the morning of the disappearance the mountain (from what I understand) may have been out of bounds to hikers because of small eruptions days before. The mountain had been quiet for years before this. Did he know the mountain was awakening: if so, he'd know no one was on the mountain to see him come in. Did he have an interest in geology. All pilots in that area will know the great volcanos, they are a land mark and a hazard: he may have received a CAAS of NOTAM signalling the eruption. If he missed the summit, a crashed aircraft will mix with the eruption plumes. Slamet has been active for the last year. 

Put another way: on the last ping ring, where is the only place an aircraft could disappear without any trace? A volcano.

It is plausible that he has evaded radar again (as he did earlier in the flight) and rather than gone south, has gone east, and then north as shown below (this is not my image.

  1.  the weather around the mountain on the morning - if it were cloudy, no one would see anything
  2. the detailed hourly seismic records of Mt Slamet (maybe  another on the Java??)  
  3. Radar records south of Java
  4. Anyone in the crew with interest in geology. Are there any searches from the crews computers - on the said volcanos? 
I have contacted and informed both the ATSB who advised me to also inform Malaysian Investigators with my theory.

Update March 10th 2015

I have found a seismic record for Mt. Slamet for 2014 (below). It shows an anomaly VB and VA (shallow and deep earthquakes on volcano respectively) on and around the 8th of March 2014. Was this triggered by and aircraft impact? Slamet has been erupting on and off for a year. 

Waspada = alert
Siaga = standby ??
Letusan = eruption
Hembusan = Blast
VA = shallow earthquake (GNS NZ expert told me 0 to 10 must be a Count of quakes rather than Richter scale)
VB = deeper quake

On radar: I think they (he) could have got through radar. They don't pick up everything, and he must have got past Cocos and Christmas Islands also.

Update March 8th 2015

After 12 months of no sign of MH370 – not even a piece of flotsam – I still think my volcano (Mt Slamet plunge) theory (I came to just days after the loss) is still plausible. I’ve tried to share it with the authorities, but well, it’s too crazy for words - isn’t it? The more I look at it, the more evidence points to it. Have you seen the ‘ping rings’? He could have flown my route, and the last ping ring is near the volcano. Mount Slamet (just left of central Java) was erupting on the day (and days before) no one was on the mountain. It was early Sunday morning when it would have gone in; all attention was in the South China Sea at the time – looking for it up there – so maybe they just missed it on radar near Java.

Put yourself in his seat – assuming it’s the captain (he’s the most likely suspect) – where do you put this aircraft down so no one can ever know what you’ve done? Your nice guy, spotless 12,000hr record is over. How do you do this so there’s no shame on you, or your family. Black-boxes survive a lot! Plunges into land, and certainly plunges into water. But not plunges into the Earth. Gone, forever. Every time I’ve flown that route over Indonesia (many times now), the geologist in me comes out: I have my head out the window (when it’s clear) looking at those massive volcanos on Java. Awesome massifs.

Original entry:
March 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about the disappearance of flight MH370 as I guess we all have, where’s it gone?!
Being a bit of an ‘air crash investigation’ buff, here’s my theory for what it’s worth.
If it’s a suicide plunge, then there’s no evidence of any wreckage to date - nowhere.
I think they have plunged it alright, not into the sea or land, but into a place where it will never be found: they’ve plunged it into a molten volcanic crater - that way there will be no record of t...heir actions.
So tonight I did a Google Earth search of the nearby volcanoes to where MH370 was last recorded/ lost contact: there are plenty of them to the south and south-east, but the largest and most obvious is Mount Slamet on Java, around 1.5 to 2 hrs. flight time.
Turns out Mt Slamet has had (small) eruptions since the 8th (same day) and is now closed off to the public. In the dead of night they’ve flown down over the sea with transponders off. Mt. Slamet’s summit crater is said to be spectacular, and glows in the night.
I would sure like to see seismic records of Mount Slamet, (or others nearby), 1 to 3 hour after loss of contact.
Just a thought.

December 2014
For my theory to be true, MH370 would have to have missed military radar off the coast of Java, unlikely.

Update 18/03/2014
Given that the aircraft has still not been found, and no one has checked out my idea, I am now concerned and would like to draw attention to the officials. My theory is plausible given all the knowledge we have so we have to at least rule out rule it out.  Mount Slamet (or others on the chain) is within the search range, and it did erupt on the 8th. 
Please check the seismic records and recent history of the volcano.
I am only thinking of the families. 

Blair Macdonald