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Koch Snowflake Area paradox: it's infinite I say.

I don't agree the area of the Koch snowflake is finite as claimed. The calculation may give the result of finite number - from a fixed point - but as the system is iterating infinity, as is assumed, the area of each added triangle will be real, and these areas infinitely diminishing - asymptotically.  If we were to zoom into the 'last' iteration area size where the area goes finite, I am sure we would 'see' iteration continuing and with this diminishing added area. Infinite Series and convergence. There seems to be a paradox here, a practical result conflicting with a calculated result. I think in reality it is both: these infinite series must go on (convergi ng), presenting ever diminishing values, and thus the 'limit' must be irrational, not finite. But I am not going to challenge the finite calculation, I have not the authority or ability to do that. Interesting.

Presenting my work.

For the first time in 2 years I taught my beloved demand theory and drew the demand curve; the first time since I've written my fractal theory 'of everything'  ;)  . In the last 5- 10 minutes of the class I showed part of what I have discovered: a window into, and link between 'reality' and quantum world through a geometry.  Funny thing is, they said they got it. 

Raman Infrared Atmosphere Facebook Dialog with PhD Physicist

The following is a 'rapid fire' dialog I recently had with (theoretical physicist) Dr. Tom Rodolfo Lee and (award winning) graduate physicist Julian Ingham on the  Albert Einstein Facebook site, from 20th of August 2017; before, and following the U.S.A. total eclipse  . The dialog that reveals my complete theory and backing evidence on what I think is the incomplete infrared greenhouse theory of the atmosphere. In it I withstand, best I can, brutal rebuttals from scientists - experts - in their field. In the end they do not respond to my claims and evidence.

Climate Raman and IR spectroscopy dialog

Blair Macdonald  I wonder if  Albert Einstein  knew almost all the atmosphere defies quantum mechanics and thermodynamics in that it does not emit or absorb any IR radiation (AKA heat), at any temperature! - making it the only matter in the universe (save dark matter and dark energy) to not interact with light. The only saving grace is are the whinny whinny tinny, but very spicy CO2! It does all the work. Yet where the shadow of the eclipse falls, so does the temperature (but no radiation). What gives? I think we are still in the 'dark ages' Like Show More Reactions  ·  Reply  ·  6  ·  20 August at 03:25 Manage Hide 49 Replies Blair Macdonald  And I have the answer. Like Show More Reactions  ·  Reply  ·  20 August at 03:27 Manage Tom Rodolfo Lee  considering Albert Einstein published work on Rayleigh scattering in the atmosphere, yeah I'd say he knew CO2 absorbs in the IR.. Like Show More Reactions  ·  Reply  ·  1  ·  20 August at 1