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Is our skin colour evidence of Einstein's solution to the photoelectric effect and the (high energy of the) UV photon?

I think I touched on something profound today in class: is our skin colour evidence of Einstein's Nobel Prize work, the photoelectric effect and the (energy of the) photon?  What Einstein established was that 'light photons' increase in energy, in punch, as the frequency increases, and particularly after the ultraviolet in the electromagnetic spectrum.  (pardon the pun 'particularly' - he is one of the fathers of quantum mechanics and particle photons). Before the UV frequency, the energy of visible, IR (heat), microwave, and radio light is diminishing and very weak.  Our skin colour, from this work by Dr Nina Jablonski ( Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin c olour), is determined by our ancestral exposure, or not, to UV - it's UV that kills us. We adapted/evolved skin colour to protect ourselves from the UV. Light energy after the visible, in the UV, is dangerous to us; and our understanding of this was revealed to us by Albert Einstein and his quantum