Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Is our skin colour evidence of Einstein's photoelectric effect and the (energy of the) UV photon?

I think I touched on something profound today in class: is our skin colour evidence of Einstein's Nobel Prize work, the photoelectric effect and the (energy of the) photon? What he established was 'light' photons increase in energy, in punch, as the frequency increases, and particularly after the ultra-violet (pardon the pun 'particularly' - he is the father of Quantum mechanics in the same work he he).
Before the UV frequency the energy of the visible light, the IR (heat), microwave, and radio - diminishing to being very weak. Our skin colour, from this work by Dr Nina Jablonski, is determined by our ancestral exposure, or not, to UV - it's UV that kills us, and we adapted/evolved colour to protect us.
You may ask why we were talking about this in econ? It was to do with health systems and merit goods - here's to them.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory

I've gone back to the drawing board, noticing and frustrated I was not getting the attention I demand from what I have uncovered. I have split my paper into two, and it works; the first I share here, and the second - on how the GHGs are really only the thermoelectric gases and is flawed - I will work on now. 
N2 and O2 (the '99%' non-GHGs) have QM predicted spectra, and 2338 and 1556 cm-1 respectively and these are observed by Raman Spectroscopy, IR specroscopy's complement instrument. Do not mess with quantum mechanics! 
Raman laser spectroscopy (not to be confused with the Raman effect!) makes IR spectroscopy redundant: it measures very accurately the QM predicted positions and temperatures!! of N2 O2 CO2 CH4 H2O spectra and more. What is more, the N2- CO2 laser operates on the QM absorption of its one spectra mode. N2 absorbs IR and responds, else no facial surgery. And can you believe it, with this CO2 laser it is N2 that is the gases that 'heats' the CO2. I have found the CO2 laser works for IR photons too. Game set match! Why hasn't someone else seen this before me? This needs a working group to develop a paper to take this to the world; I can't take it any further, or write it better.

Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory