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Price Inflation and the Fractal Coastline Paradox

If you are interested in a further explanation of inflation that adds to this, it may be found in the fractal; the geometry of chaos and the geometry of our time. The geometry of an economy is a fractal, and 'inflation' is akin to the fractal coastline paradox. The growth and development of fractals correspond directly to the marginal theory. The fractal demonstrates demand/utility curves and supply/ cost with equilibrium. A market is a fractal, a complex system built on simple rules that repeat at all scales. I have found that the fractal's growth over time is exponential and can produce a perfect Lorenz curve from the uneven distribution of its parts. The fractal's Gini increases with its growth, inextricably—just like the real economy. If an economy is assumed to have a fractal 'Inflation,' it may be akin to the coastline paradox of fractal mathematics. The length of the coastline is fractal and is determined by the length of the measuring stick. For an eco