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Demand curve and de Broglie wavefunction

  Demand curve and the de Broglie wave function    I have since published in 2023:  This entry has been hanging over me for some time, and I never published it earlier because I never thought I had it quite right, or it never felt complete. Though those feelings have not changed, I have (now) decided to publish what I have, intending that my theory will kindle interest and discussion to further develop it. What really is a demand curve anyway? Do they really exist? The reality may be that they are not a real physical, tangible object, but instead, show the possibilities of goods and services in terms of price and quantity; as with quantum theory, to produce such a curve invokes the ‘measurement’ problem . It is as if the demand curve is a superposition of all the possible outcomes, just as in quantum mechanics. My hypothesis: The de Broglie wave function and the (consumer) demand function and corresponding curve, are both different manifestations of the same thing. This theo