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A theory of everything: to blog, or to publish?

Update: I have published on this blog, read here. I have been having a very difficult time recently , and I am not totally sure what to do? What do you suggest? I have taken down my many entries on the fractal because I am afraid they will not stand as an official claim to knowledge. Do I publish here on my own, using the low cost technology of the web, or go through usual costly slow peer review process? The thing is, my discoveries with the fractal, have led me to - what I believe - a straight forward theory of Quantum Mechanics, or what might be called 'a theory of everything'. When I listen to the 'experts' on the subject of quantum mechanics, it is as if they are speaking about the same things as I have discovered - but not yet published - in the fractal. Everything!: duality, uncertainty and entanglement, and even time and relativity included. What am I to do? I have been advised by a 'highly' academic colleague to write articles, and publi