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Fractal (Information) Decay

Fractal Decay As shown in the animation below, and described in my earlier entries, the fractal demonstrates development and growth: but if this reversed, it also demonstrates decay. Developing from the  first simple iteration to the complex, and in reverse, decay from the complex to the simple; from the snowflake to the triangle. fractal growth and development Analysis Below are two diagrams that analyse the Koch Snowflake fractal: the top diagram shows the exponential, and the lower the log. Both are split vertically (with a 'black' line of reflection) - showing development on the left side and decay on the right side.  - keep your eye on the snowflake..  The blue curve  shows the extra benefit of another iteration (in terms of Area), and  green - the extra cost of  producing or iterating.  As fractal development is exponential, it follows that so is decay. The above diagram of the two shows the exponential curve - with a constant elasticity (or sens