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Observed Galaxy Distribution Transition with Increasing Redshift a Property of the Fractal

I just published my third paper. This one is in response to this discovery: I have found the universe is a standard, typical garden varie ty fractal. It looks like a fractal – it is agreed by cosmologists to show fractal structure up to around 1 billion light-years out, and after that is smooth, just as the clip shows, saving General Relativity (apparently) – and acts as a fractal – it has a beginning, and expands exponentially – it is a fractal. All fractals show Hubble’s Law( increasing recessional velocity with distance from an observer) – and a cosmic microwave background –this is the trunk of your garden(fractal) tree.  My presentation. In Situ Experiment on Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures Abstract Fractal geometry is an accepted mathematical description of nature. One of the great questions in cosmology—along with what is the ‘dark energy’ and the other cosmic anomalies—is whether the universe is also frac