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Galactic Cosmic Rays and Flood Events Correlate

  My little project over the last few days. I have graphed together the monthly frequency of global floods with the average monthly galactic cosmic rays (GCR) flux/flow. As far as I can see no one has produced this graph. Today, the intensity of flooding experienced globally is attributed to an increase in greenhouse gases. For 10 years or more I have been watching GCR on a daily basis and have been predicting and noticing the increase in floods as they have risen. GCRs are currently at century highs equalled only the 2009 maximum, which also saw a notable greater frequency of 'epic' global flooding. My data series starts from 2014 and comes from and the GCRs from Finish . I did my best not to double count floods, but it is close. This 2014 starting point is from a relatively high GCR flux as seen from the 60-year chart of GCRs below, and in that time, we have not experienced a reprieve from flooding. I noticed in 2009, and I

In Situ Experiment on Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures

I have just completed my recent update of my cosmological fractal model.   In Situ Experiment on Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures .   I have updated my earlier work with better diagrams and have tried to make my experiment clearer. I have also added recent discoveries of large scale structures in the large-scale universe. The key assumption of the standard model of the universe, the cosmological principle, is that galaxies are distributed the same everywhere. That there is no special position of observation, and that the universe is the same in every direction one looks. Neither of these assumptions, based on observations, is true, and mainstream scientists, more and more, are starting to talk about it. My fractal model of the universe explains why the cosmological principle is not met and corresponds with all the conjectures and observations of the universe. Please read my paper for details.  Personal background.  I remember sitting when I was 19-year

Proposal to test the Non-Greenhouse Gases for IR Radiation with the Raman spectrometer

By Greenhouse Theory, 99% of the dry atmosphere, nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), (the non-greenhouse gases) are assumed not to absorb or emit infrared radiation. They are claimed to gain their heat energy from molecular 'collisions' with the 1% special heat-trapping greenhouse gases. This process of 'collisions' is implying thermal conduction of heat.  Four things:  foundation radiation physics/ quantum mechanics claims all matter with a temperature radiates infrared light,   air is a poor thermal conductor, one of the poorest known (0.026W.m.K.),  if the, for instance, 0.04% CO2 did transfer heat by conduction to all the 99%, near instantaneously, its claimed heat-trapping properties would have to be extraordinarily special to share this gained energy equally, not just special, and if the air did transfer heat by collisions, we would live in a hell of heat as we would feel the heat of every matter directly through the air.  If greenhouse theory were true, with the ambie