Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Fractal Profile of CO2

The Fractal Profile of CO2

In this entry I aim to analyse the properties of CO2 (in relation to the climate)  and demonstrate the fractality (the repeating) of this knowledge and properties. Does (heat trapping) CO2 shape up to our general knowledge, and 'laws' of physics. I am not an expert, but am curious to investigate.

  1. Heat trapping - Specific Heat Capacity
  2. Infrared Opaqueness and Transparency
  3. Atmospheric Concentration: CO2’s weight behaviour
  4. Emissivity
  5. Lags: Does CO2 drive temperature - or does Temperature drive CO2?
  6. Density
  7. Solubility - buffers
I have now published a wiki website: to help democratise the science-

1.  'Heat trapping' CO2:  Specific Heat Capacity  

In my next entry (The Fractal record of heat trapping CO2) I will expose the instances where CO2 should trap heat, but doesn't - at least to be measurable.