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Does infrared radiate under water?

 I was just watching the following video clip on the La Pama volcano eruption and was wondering, something I often think about, does infrared heat radiation radiate through the water as it does the air? Would a diver feel the heat as they would if they were on land?  This question stems from my experiment on radiation where I discovered water blocks the infrared whereas glass and the greenhouse gas do not. Read here:

ePublic Good (Public Good) Prediction comes true in New Zealand

More than ten years ago I wrote the article  Is the internet making new public goods? ePublic Goods.  In the article, I reasoned the internet is producing, based on the decline and failure in the entrainment and news media industries, a new type of Public Goods, ePublic Goods. e for electronic, or internet-based. Public Goods are, along with Private, Club, and Commons (Common Pool) Goods, a key  phenomenon  in economics,  Public goods are supported by the Governments, and I predicted that this, at the risk of democracy, may happen with the media too someday. If this is true this is not a good thing at all.  Firms in these industries are not profiting and are failing due to the loss of sales from the internet and have been downsizing. This is akin to the examples o market failure with the streetlights, fireworks displays, lighthouses and others. To me, the media and entertainment firms are failing due to the same problems as with these normal Public Good.  The non-rivalry is no one is

Emergent Fractal Attractor Corresponds with Foundational Quantum Problems

I have for over ten years now been writing a theory of quantum mechanics through the fractal. I have found the fractal demonstrates all aspects of the quantum. My problem has been how to get this down on paper and publish it. Over a 6 month period, late 2020 and early 2021 I worked on the following paper with my supervisor, but in the end, I throw it down not at all happy with what I had achieved. I need to approach it in a different way; rather than being an experiment, describe the fractal from a deductive point of view. This I intend to do when things have settled and I have had a break from it all, but this is what I have achieved so far.  Keep in touch, I will let you know when I get started again.  Abstract The field of foundational quantum mechanics originated nearly one hundred years ago yet remains one of the greatest mysteries to physicists today. The experiment in this study tests whether the geometry of fractals, according to a simple isolated iterating fractal (the Koch Sn

Proposal to test the Non-Greenhouse Gases for IR Radiation with the Raman spectrometer

By Greenhouse Theory, 99% of the dry atmosphere, nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), (the non-greenhouse gases) are assumed not to absorb or emit infrared radiation. They are claimed to gain their heat energy from molecular 'collisions' with the 1% special heat-trapping greenhouse gases. This process of 'collisions' is implying thermal conduction of heat.  Four things:  foundation radiation physics/ quantum mechanics claims all matter with a temperature radiates infrared light,   air is a poor thermal conductor, one of the poorest known (0.026W.m.K.),  if the, for instance, 0.04% CO2 did transfer heat by conduction to all the 99%, near instantaneously, its claimed heat-trapping properties would have to be extraordinarily special to share this gained energy equally, not just special, and if the air did transfer heat by collisions, we would live in a hell of heat as we would feel the heat of every matter directly through the air.  If greenhouse theory were true, with the ambie

Rutherfords Edict No Communism in Lab

" Communist Propaganda is Not Allowed in the Lab." Lord Ernest Rutherford's Edict laid down on Russian Scientist, Peter Kapitza's first day at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 1921. Reference: Rutherford, J Campbell AAS Publications, pg 387. I personally think he is the greatest scientist of all time. His discoveries, by experiment, opened the door to the world we inherit. As a New Zealander myself, I am deeply inspired. I have been many times to his home town, I used to work near Havelock, and I did my teacher training at Nelson College. He was. by all accounts, a man of principle. It was with that in mind I put this 'Rutherford's Edict' together this morning on his 150th birthday. I think his edict is lost in today's world and the likes of my work (on the fractal and the atmosphere) will never be seen because of it.

Radiation Transmitted by Atmosphere Raman

  I have just put the finishing touches on my model of the infrared atmosphere. Artwork really, but the culmination of 10 years of research. It builds on the previous 19th-century technology-based model, of the same name, only mine includes the measurements by the modern laser-based Raman spectrometer/Lidar. This knowledge is ignored by proponents on both sides of the climate debate. Both sides tell me I am wrong, but none tell me where I am wrong without breaking the laws and practical applications of physics. With this knowledge, there are no paradoxes or contradictions, for instance, that Nitrogen and Oxygen do not absorb or emit infrared radiation when by classical (and quantum) physics all matter with a temperature radiates infrared. Your attention can be drawn to the blue and green (Raman detected) lines. These lines are not included in greenhouse theory and as a result, the likes of Nitrogen and Oxygen (99% of the dry atmosphere) are claimed not to be greenhouse gases. By Raman

Giant Arc evidence of a fractal universe

I'm looking at my feeds and I see astronomers have discovered (or finally recognised, we've known about them for years) there is a 'large' structure at the outer edges of the universe. 3 billion years wide, 'Giant Arc'. This blows apart the standard model of cosmology as for it galaxy distribution is smooth on all scales. But a few have challenged this view and said the universe is fractal - fractal-cosmology. I came into this from the outside, indirectly. The universe is recognised 'by science' as being fractal on small scales (out to around 1 billion years) but on large it is smooth and assumed not fractal. No. No, it is not smooth, and nor should it be. I have taken the fractal-cosmology further by modelling a fractal (doing the maths directly from a fractal, an experiment). Big structures like the Giant Arc are exactly what we would expect to see - like big branches on a tree near the trunk. I

Thermal camera Hairdyer gap paradox

The IR 'hairdryer paradox'. This is a thermogram of an operating hairdryer, taken using the same technology by which we understand the greenhouse gases - thermoelectrics. Why is there a gap after the hairdryer outlet? Is the air not hot? Yes, it is; it is blowing onto a surface, so it must be hot. Is the air not radiating infrared (heat)? Everything with a temperature radiates IR; but, from this image, it appears 'air' (mostly nitrogen and oxygen) doesn't - hence they are termed non-greenhouse gases. But this is wrong. It is that the instrument's therm-transductive detector does not transduce electricity from the radiant heat of nitrogen and oxygen molecules. How did the 'air' get hot in the first place - and so quickly - if it does not absorb IR radiation? Air is an extremely poor thermal conductor of heat (0.026 W/(m K) ), and it has a very low thermal diffusivity. Convection must imply radiation and/or conduction, so what is it? It has to be from radi

Cosmic Rays Determine Weather and Climate

  Beryllium 10, my word for the week; and I found it where it should be, at the end of the last ice age. We now know the mechanism of the connection between (Galileo's) sunspots and short-term and long-term climate, and of course, the weather. The mechanism is cosmic rays, and the modulation of them by the Sun's magnetic (sunspot) activity. When the sun is at solar minima we are not protected from the showering of these high energy subatomic particles; and they help, as a consequence, seed cloud nuclei leading to more cloud, more precipitation, and eventually colder (different from place to place, it can be hotter in places). Laboratory experiments have demonstrated this mechanism. When the sun is active, as it has been over the last 100 years (coincidence?!), we are shielded from them; but, before then, since the 14th Century, the cosmic rays were more - as measured by isotope Carbon 14 - and as a consequence, it was 'little ice age' cold, with extensive global glaci

Fake Silver Coin Candle test.

Candle test. It is my test but it works based on silvers high thermal conductivity compared to other metals. From a coin at room temperature, hold the edge of a coin on the top of the yellow candle flame, it should take around 9 to 15 seconds for real silver before it is too hot to hold. And when the heat comes, it comes fast. Other metals are way over 20 seconds and up to 35 seconds. If you are worried about damaging the coin, well, it's not going to if it is real silver.

Refuting Greenhouse Theory Kitchen Experiment: GHGs and glass transparent to real IR heat and Germanium non-transparent

Does IR transparent germanium block infrared radiation? NO, it does not. Summary By greenhouse theory, glass, H2O, CO2 and other greenhouse gases are claimed to absorb infrared (IR) radiation. They are non-transparent to the infrared. Conversely, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Germanium are assumed to be transparent to IR. We know this by the instrument that measures IR, the thermoelectric thermopile. I tested, by a simple experiment, the said substances for the said claims by exposing the substances to real 'hot' infrared heat radiation. The heat that burns without contact. All, but for water, failed the test: it is the complete opposite than is claimed. I conclude it is the instrument, the thermopile, that has led us to a systematic error. Greenhouse theory is based on this instrument and as a result, is incomplete. Background I’d like to share with you, for the record, and as brief, as I can, an experiment I conducted this time last week that refutes the foundational physics of gre

The Peace Gun

To understand why he doesn't turn the key, imagine the pistol has another barrel that points back at the shooter and also fires when he shoots. If every firearm had that double-barreled feature they - just like nukes - would (all else being equal) never be used. From my thinking.