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Dark matter may be explained by fractal geometry

  Lately, I have been pondering about galaxies, their rotation speed, the concept of 'dark matter' associated with them, and the fractal. I knew I would revisit this topic when I got the chance. After examining my fractal cosmology model for several days and studying recent research papers on dark matter and black holes, I now believe that my model can clarify why stars orbit around the galaxy faster as they move further away from the centre, which is known as 'dark matter.' I can deduce that the speed of rotation and the size of the galaxy are directly linked to the size of the black hole, and they become massive as they move further out into the universe. My model suggests acceleration with distance, and it forms a spiral. In addition, recent observations suggest that the universe may be spiralling, which aligns with my model's prediction. Furthermore, black holes are referred to as a 'singularity,' which is similar to the universe's supposed 'big