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Debunking Greenhouse Theory Physics

I have now published my updated theory of the atmosphere.  Augmenting 19th Century Thermoelectric Greenhouse Theory with 20th Century Quantum Mechanics Raman Spectroscopy: Towards a Coherent Radiation Theory of the Atmosphere Debunking Greenhouse Theory Physics The Gassy Messenger. Abstract Modern climate science's fundamental premise (or assumption) is that the greenhouse gases (around 2% of the atmosphere) absorb radiant infrared (IR) heat (as derived by  IR spectroscopy) , and are the main climate driver because of this speciality. This premise has its origins with the  John Tyndall 1859 thermopile infrared detection experiment . The (other)  non-greenhouse  gases  (N 2  nitrogen and O 2  oxygen)  are distinguished from the  greenhouse  gases by their (said * ) inability to absorb (infrared) heat, as deduced from the same experiment: here absorption is confused with opacity.   Raman spectroscopy (a complement to IR spectroscopy) challenges this greenhouse gas non-greenh