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Air Radiation: Is the land heated first or is the air heated - by the sun

Radiation: does the sun - by radiation - first heat the earth and then warm the air - to disperse fog? Or, is it the air that is radiated first - as I have claimed? This 'earth first' is the premise of GH theory (the non - GHGs don't absorb IR right?) and interestingly with meteorology theory with fog dispersion explanations. They both claim it is the land that is first heated and then the fog disperses. In this clip, we see the fog disperse to the morning sun over a lake. Note there is little to no wind. I assume the lake temperature is likely to be constant over the time filmed. I think the obvious solution is the air is warmed by radiation at its quantum IR absorption emission spectra. The air temperature rises, pressure changes, the water evaporates - blue sky.