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A momentous morning for me.  As Copernicus and Galileo as my inspirers, and after (this morning) uncovering and clearing some critical details, I’m now not afraid any more – to speak, to show. Last month I published on my blog two entries I had been working on for last 5 years:  one on the fractal record of CO2, and the other on the fractal profile of CO2 (still in progress). (   and ). This morning I published a complementary ‘wiki website ( ) to these entries that will show and democratise ‘the where(?)’ (the examples of a phenomena – at all scales) (or not!). Where does a phenomena do as it is ‘said’ to do? Orbiting bodies and a sun centred ‘universe’ is a good case: before the telescope and evidence, a world of dogma; and after, a world of ‘science’. With the Hubble and (broken) Kepler telescopes

A fractal derived theory of religion: survival

Religion an Emergent Fractal   Structure Formed From the Life Force Survival. Blair D. Macdonald First Posted:   2013 -5 -7 Update: 2015- 12- 18 Absract This paper addresses a possible cause of religion or secular belief. It suggests it is an advanced, evolved manifestation of the life force survive. By the developed human brain, survival must be managed for – and in – the afterlife. The human mind can imagine the afterlife, and so must survive: religions have evolved to meet this demand. This survival theory may also explain secular religions also. 1         Introduction The fractal, far from being only interesting images, and complex mathematics, is also – as I am personally discovering – an instrument of great insight; one that I am finding complements science, and its ‘mission’ to understand and explain the workings of the universe. I have been attempting to decipher and understand this instrument; from classical econo