News is now a Public Good

 My recent comment on a Facebook post on the losses New Zealand's national TV channel are making. TVNZ expects operational losses of $28m-$33m and ‘significant’ impairment Search ' Public Goods '. News and other entertainment, music film etc., have become, via the internet, Public Goods; what I call ePublic Goods. They fail as a business due to non-excludability and non-rivalry. The free rider problem has become the free copy problem. It is one of the greatest problems of our time and is not going to go away. Public Goods (like National Defense) are funded by the state, and that is a serious problem for 'democracy' to function.

Fractal Proof We Walked on the Moon

I quickly wrote this reply to a Facebook comment: " You guys really think he walked on the moon why and how do you know it’s true" My comment Purely by the complexity of the story. If it were fake the complex story we know would have to have been scripted, top-down, like a movie script. The reality is the story is infinite in complexity, right down to the people who stitched the suits, the boots the chutes and more. Full of stories by all of the hundreds of thousands involved. Every flight, hours and hours of specialist language, the problems they had and overcame; it would all have had to be scripted. No one could do that. It was hard enough to script the 2hr movie, Apollo 13, the best of Hollywood in its time and it wasn't really the real story compared to what is told by those there. It is my test and I think it is the best. Reality is complex and fractal, fake is not.

Letter to Fractal Cosmology Opponent Hogg

 This is the letter I wrote to Professor David Hogg, the opponent of Fractal Cosmology.  Please see my posts 'Fractal Cosmology' and Letter to Fractal Cosmology Opponent Hogg , share this, and read my papers. Thank you.  Subject:   Quaia catalogue corresponding with transitions in a physical inhomogeneous fractal model Dear Professor Hogg,  Firstly, congratulations on your recent Quaia Quasar catalogue. I believe it, along with DESI, is one of the greatest achievements of all time. My name is Blair Macdonald. Ordinarily, I would have no business with you as I am not a cosmologist; however,  what  I have found should interest you all.   I have tried to make this as short and as simple as I can. Being it what it is, this is a complex. Bear with me, please. In short: I have published a model that corresponds to your observations: it is the fractal. This is why this email is directed to Professor Hogg. I have taken fractals beyond the Italian fractal cosmologists. I have found, in

Fractal Branch Distribution Experiment Corresponds with Universe Galaxy Distribution.

  The following continues my work concerning fractal cosmology. Look back to my recent posts over the last year to gain access to my papers and developments.  Here I conduct an experiment on a tree to see if the fractal corresponds with galaxy distribution from the latest galaxy survey.  Introduction The recent Gaia telescope Quaia survey of the universe produced a galaxy distribution diagram (Figure 1) that shows an uneven distribution of galaxies with distance.  3D map of over 1 million black holes traces where the universe's dark matter lies. Figure 1. Galaxy distribution diagram (Figure 11) from the paper: Quaia, the Gaia-unWISE Quasar Catalog: An All-sky Spectroscopic Quasar Sample, Hogg and others This diagram offers an opportunity to test whether this universe distribution shape corresponds with the distribution from a fractal tree. If so, the observation location may be inferred. Of interest is the rise from the

Fractal Cosmology David Hogg Letter

Just for the recor d. A week or two back I sent what might be the most important email of my life. In March I saw the results of a recent large-scale universe quasar survey corresponded directly with my fractal model of the universe and that one of the authors of this survey/paper is the key opponent to fractal cosmology, Professor David W. Hogg of New York University. I had to respond and I have. This is some background from New Scientist Magazine 2007: 'Hogg's team feel that until there's a theory to explain why the galaxy clustering is fractal, there's no point in taking it seriously. "My view is that there's no reason to even contemplate a fractal structure for the universe until there is a physical fractal model," says Hogg. "Until there's an inhomogeneous fractal model to test, it's like tilting at windmills." In my email, I have shown him and all the authors (why not!) that I have that model, and it is described in the 2nd of two

New Fractal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

I am writing a letter to the Nobel Laureate, John Clauser, explaining to him what I had published on the fractal and quantum mechanics and it occurred to me, for the first time, that I may have written a totally new quantum interpretation. I had never thought of that before.  My fractal interpretation  of quantum mechanics covers all the other interpretations, and more — it links quantum mechanics to cosmology. They are inextricably linked. I have not heard a word back, from anyone.  My papers: International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Speculations. The Fractal Corresponds with Lig ht a nd Foundational Quantum Problems ). Experiment on Inverted Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures What is a Quantum Interpretation?  This from  The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is a physical theory developed in the 1920s to account for the behavior o

TVNZ cuts and NewsHub's closing evidence of e-Public Goods

  I predicted this around 15 years ago. Media and other similar, music, arts etc, have become Public Goods through the development of the internet. Check out what a Public Good is, a technical term in economics, non-excludable non-rival: they fail, and are the 'blackhole' of markets. They are what I call e-Public Goods. where the free rider has become the free copy. It gets more serious than this as Public Goods need to be provided by the state. Newshub’s Samantha Hayes on TVNZ job cuts: ‘Some exceptional journalists are facing the chop’