New Fractal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

 I am writing a letter to the Nobel Laureate, John Clauser, explaining to him what I had published on the fractal and quantum mechanics and it occurred to me, for the first time, that I may have written a totally new quantum interpretation. I had never thought of that before.  My fractal interpretation  of quantum mechanics covers all the other interpretations, and more — it links quantum mechanics to cosmology. They are inextricably linked. I have not heard a word back, from anyone.  My papers: International Journal of Quantum Foundations, Speculations. The Fractal Corresponds with Lig ht a nd Foundational Quantum Problems ). Experiment on Inverted Fractal Corresponds with Cosmological Observations and Conjectures What is a Quantum Interpretation?  This from  The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is a physical theory developed in the 1920s to account for the behavior

TVNZ cuts and NewsHub's closing evidence of e-Public Goods

  I predicted this around 15 years ago. Media and other similar, music, arts etc, have become Public Goods through the development of the internet. Check out what a Public Good is, a technical term in economics, non-excludable non-rival: they fail, and are the 'blackhole' of markets. They are what I call e-Public Goods. where the free rider has become the free copy. It gets more serious than this as Public Goods need to be provided by the state. Newshub’s Samantha Hayes on TVNZ job cuts: ‘Some exceptional journalists are facing the chop’

The Hairdryer Gap Paradox Dr Roy Spencer Experiment

  Here I present a paradox associated with IR thermograms; they do not show the temperature of the hot air coming out of a hairdryer - hence the gap. I discuss the background physics of the problem and offer a solution to the problem. Nitrogen and Oxygen are not received by the thermoelectric detectors in the camera. I have since this clip conducted an experiment running pure CO2 through a hairdryer and it did exactly what I thought and did not heat the dryer. See the images below. The dryer would have shut down if the greenhouse effect were true; that CO2 passed its heat onto N2 and O2. There was no noticeable difference between air and pure CO2. This was a 250,000 per cent in the concentration of CO2. No notable effect.

Response to Sabine Hossenfelder Big Ring Galaxies

This post is in response to Sabine Hossenfelders clip (below) Astrophysicists find Big Ring of Galaxies that Should Not Exist    I wrote the following in the comments. It appears to be shadow banned, sadly.  " This is, to me, key evidence that the universe is a fractal. I have modelled a (growing) fractal from the perspective of an observer within one. My model produces Hubble (diagram) expansion that is accelerating with time from a point beginning. Points on the fractal recede away just as galaxies are observed by astronomers. The model also predicts these large structures; what I call the boughs of the fractal. The CMB is the trunk. We are in the clustered and super-clustered branches of the fractal shape. Last week my work was published in The International Journal of Quantum Foundations and 8 months ago I published in the same journal on how the fractal shares problems known as the quantum. The astronomical observations and the quantum problems are two aspects of the one, fr

Second Paper Published Unifying Cosmos and the Quantum with the Fractal

I have, in around 9 months, had my second paper accepted by the International Journal of Quantum Foundations; this one on Fractal Cosmology. My first was on the Fractal and Quantum problems . While these are not pair reviewed they are my unique ideas and experiments and they are now crystalised in a journal.  I wonder what response I will get from these. The two papers go together. It has been around 26 years of thinking and working towards this. I am convinced the fractal is 'the bridge' between the quantum and the cosmos. My work does not point to any insights on gravity, though it may have something to say about 'dark matter'. I will only progress on this if I get encouragement to do so. Time to move on to other things.  See my early post on the submission of this paper.  Fractal Cosmology Paper Unifying Theory Submitted  

Price Inflation and the Fractal Coastline Paradox

If you are interested in a further explanation of inflation, that adds to this, it may be found in the fractal; the geometry of chaos and the geometry of our time. I think the geometry of an economy is a fractal and 'inflation' is akin to the fractal coastline paradox. I can show the 'growth' and 'development' of the fractal directly corresponds to Marginal theory. The fractal demonstrates demand/utility curves and supply/ cost with equilibrium. A market, I think, is a fractal; a complex system built on simple rules that repeat at all scales. I have found that the fractal's growth over time is exponential and can produce a perfect Lorenz curve from the uneven distribution of its parts. The fractals Gini increases with its growth, inextricably - just like the real economy. On inflation, if an economy is assumed a fractal 'Inflation' may be akin to the coastline paradox of fractal mathematics. The length of the coastline is fractal and is determined

Solving the quantum measurement problem with the fractal

  Addressing ‘The Measurement Problem’ by Fractal Landscape s and Reference Points In my paper, The Fractal Corresponds with Light and Foundational Quantum Problems , I discuss the measurement problem in quantum physics as being a problem of the fractal also. The issue arises when matter or points of matter are believed to exist in multiple locations simultaneously in the quantum micro world, but this changes when they are observed. This is a significant challenge in quantum physics and one of several topics of the quantum that I address with the fractal. --- The isolated iterating scale-invariant fractal is a prime example of the "measurement problem" in quantum mechanics. Without a reference, it is impossible to determine the position and scale of the bit sizes on the superposition fractal. However, once a reference is made, the position and scale become clear. This issue is directly related to the "observation" and "measurement problem" of quantum mec