Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Passing of Benoit Mandelbrot

Last night I was camping out with my wife  in the forests in Sweden and slept under the stars and this very wonderful scotch pine above.
Apart from the romance of the setting, I went to sleep thinking over fractal explanations of (mostly) inflation of money, and it's connection to economic growth, development, and sustainability.
They are really on my mind at the moment and I will write on my findings in the future in the near future.

I heard this morning that Benoit Mandelbrot - the father of Fractals has died.
I don't know what to think: I thought I might get to meet him someday.
He curtainly hadn't made it into the mainstream: when I ask, hardly anyone knew of him or his fractals - outside maths of course.
Yet he to me made what I believe the greatest discovery in human history (and I mean it) cause I am sure everything is fractral - evolution and all.  We just don't really know it yet how to use it.
His name and input will only grow now - in  the very same way (funny enough) as the fractals he founded.

If I (and I am sure many other thinkers) have anything to do with it - we will put his fractals up front.

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